Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are well rested for the New Year! In honor of the Holiday Season, I wanted to share these 2 dresses that Leonore recently wore that were actually worn by Princess Madeleine as a child!

Both dresses can be seen on Princess Madeleine as photos 2 and 3 in the slideshow! Click HERE!

This first dress we see on Princess Leonore in a photo published by Princess Madeleine in celebration of Queen Silvia's Birthday! Madeleine herself wore this dress during the Victoriadagen Celebrations of 1984.

This other photo posted by Princess Madeleine shows Leonore wearing a dress that Madeleine wore during the Christmas Celebrations and Video of 1983.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to Royal Watching with you in the New Year!

Photos Credit go to Princess Madeleine on her Facebook Page. All rights belong to her. Sadly I own nothing. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Royal Catchup- Part 2: Christmas Concert

Yesterday, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attended a Charity Christmas Concert. One of the charities benefited by the concert was Project Playground which I am sure you are all aware of- was cofounded by Princess Sofia.

Princess Sofia wore her first "official" maternity dress which makes me excited because maternity pieces are easier to narrow down! Her dress is by Tiffany Rose- their Chloe dress in Dragonfly. It is a beautiful dress! Her earrings and bracelet both come from Caroline Svedbom and her heals are Saint Laurent. Arriving she also wore a new jacket from By Timo. Her clutch may come from Hunkydory- originally I was sold that it was from them but I don't know anymore upon closer inspection..

Huge thanks to The World of Royals for finding Sofia's earrings and bracelet! I just realized she wore this bracelet when picking up the Christmas Tree's at the Palace last week! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Royal Catchup- Part 1: Swedish Academy Gathering

First off, I will apologize for the delayed post- I have been under the weather... Napping a few times a day and not doing much else. I finally am feeling better and have the energy to write a post or 2- I shall do just that.

A photo posted by on
First is our last major event of 2015- The Formal Meeting of the Swedish Academy in Old Stockholm. This event is held annually and typically attended by the entire Royal Family- this year was no exception. Queen Silvia was the first lady to step out of a car wearing a brown fur coat over a brown dress. She appeared to be wearing the short pearl and diamond earrings.

Crown Princess Victoria rewore a black velvet dress first seen at the same event in 2011 while she was pregnant with Princess Estelle. No idea who the designer of this gown is. She carried a LK Bennett clutch she has had for many years. For jewels, she wore part of the diamond earrings from Brazilian Parure. In her hair she wore the flower brooch from the same parure. Her brooch is a diamond and pearl brooch with a a pearl drop first seen on Queen Victoria.

Princess Sofia, wore a new dress from Viktoria Chan and a faux fur coat from Moris Stockholm. Her earrings come from Caroline Svedbom. Her gold clutch comes from H&M. Her brooch is one that I don't recognize so I don't have anything to share about it. Sofia also debuted a new short hair cut that looks amazing on her!

A photo posted by Ida Sjöstedt (@idasjostedt) on
Finally, Princess Madeleine wore one of her gowns from Ida Sjöstedt with a By Malina fur coat. She carried a black clutch from Bottega Veneta. She wore in her hair a pair of diamond earrings last seen on Queen Silvia in 2012 if my memory serves correctly. She wore her custom pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings from La Campanina Capri.

Which was your favorite outfit from the night? I just couldn't pick- everyone brought their A Game!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A visit to the Center for Business History

Today Victoria, Daniel, and Carl Philip undertook a visit to the Center for Business History in Stockholm. This outing was long on Daniel's calendar but he continued to invite family to attend with him, Carl Philip was added to the calendar a few weeks ago and then Victoria was added this morning.

For this visit, Victoria wore a new dress from Seraphine- their Black Zip Detail Maternity Dress. In all honesty, I have been eyeing this dress hoping she would wear it. It is very much her style. She appears to be carrying her Valentino Black Bag.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Tree's at the Palace

Sofia and Carl Philip took their turn this year to receive the Christmas Tree's at the Royal Palace. For the past 2 years, you might recall that Victoria and Estelle have taken the outing, but this year they let Sweden's newest Princess and her Prince have a turn! I was upset that we would not be seeing Estelle but that lasted until I saw Sofia's dress. I am in love with it! (Make a Mental Note- much like purple is the way to Order of Splendor's heart, Blues and Greens are the way to mine!)

A photo posted by @skogisgranar on

Sofia wore a new dress from H&M, while it is not online, Kungliga Modebloggen was kind enough to snap a photo at a local store and post it. She wore her Red Valentino Jacket that she gets great wear out of, and YSL black Pumps. I think this is a solid A outfit and I hope we will see the dress again! If she's done with it- she could just mail it to me! :D Her bracelet comes from Caroline Svedbom.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meeting the Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Today Victoria and the King met the Nobel Peace Prize Winners at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The National Dialogue Quartet won for its "decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011".

For this meeting Victoria wore her Seraphine Sophie Pleated Dress in Navy. This is the 3rd time Victoria has worn this dress and it is probably my favorite from Seraphine. I love the simple but elegant lines. She paired it with Ebba Brahe earrings and Yves Saint Laurent navy pumps. She is carrying a new bag from the Danish brand Quidam.

Photos from Kungahuset and respective Brands

Monday, December 14, 2015

Victoria at a Board Meeting

Today, Crown Princess Victoria held a board meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm for a foundation which shares her name. The Crown Princess Victoria Foundation for Scientific Research promotes scientific research and provides support for education and training in this field. You can check out more about the foundation by checking out their website HERE.

Victoria re-wore her Seraphine Bordeaux Woven Crepe Dress in a dark red once again. This dress is still in stock so if you love it, go grab it now! It would make a fantastic Christmas dress whether you are pregnant or not!! She appears to be wearing a long necklace which most likely comes from Kreuger Jewellery- but the distance and quality of the photo makes it impossible to be able to say for sure.

Photo from Kungahuset and Seraphine. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

UPDATED: King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureates

Tonight, the King hosted his annual dinner at the Stockholm Palace for the Nobel Laureates. Like last night, all the family attended in their finest gowns and jewels. This is not as big of an occasion so there are less photos and often the lighting in the photos is off- but I will post the best I can and give you the details as I know them!

A video posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Starting off with Silvia- I don't even know where to begin. Order of Splendor said it nicely- she has an extra tablecloth hanging off her hip. I am not really a fan of this outfit but she has done worse so I am just going to leave it at that.

As for jewels, Silvia pulled out the Leuctenberg Sapphires with tiara, brooch, and earrings. Her necklace is one of the many diamond necklaces in the Bernadotte Collection. I have yet to master the differences between those- give me time, I am working on it.

Victoria made me very happy by re-wearing her Pär Engsheden dress from Nobels 2011 when she was pregnant with the Sass Queen herself- Estelle. She matched this midnight blue sparkly dress with the Baden Fringe tiara and the diamond bow brooch from the Bernadotte Collection. I think she is wearing the upper half of the Brazilian Parure Earrings but I can't say with 100% certainty. She appears to have the same zig-zag diamond bracelet as last night on her right wrist. She carried her Alexander McQueen clutch.

Princess Sofia was hands-down my favorite of the night (Heaven did not care for the color...). Her gown remains unidentified currently but it is a stunning dusty blue, a little bit bluer than Madeleine's last night but still very similar colors.  UPDATE: Her dress is a custom made couture dress from Zetterberg Couture. It featured lace and similar button detailing to Madeleine's. I am really hoping she decides to wear it again because it is stunning. As for jewels she wore her wedding tiara once again and this time matched it with the same earrings as she wore on her wedding day. These earrings were once apart of Queen Josefina's Diamond Stomacher-Necklace and have been a favorite of Victoria's for the past few years. Sofia also borrowed Queen Victoria's Diamond & Pearl Bow Brooch (without the pendant) from the Bernadotte Collection. On her right wrist she appeared to be wearing a pearl bracelet, I imagine it is the 3 strand pearl bracelet from the Bernadotte Collection, but as the photos are not great, I cannot say for certain. She appears to be carrying a new clutch from Mango.

Princess Madeleine wore a grey dress which featured a high collar and lace detailing. It was not my favorite dress by a long shot, but I believe it was Heaven's favorite. It also remains unidentified currently, but we are wondering about it being Valentino and have an email out asking them to confirm or deny.  UPDATE: She is wearing an Alberta Ferretti dress from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection. Madeleine wore her favorite tried and trusted Modern Fringe Tiara which she paired with one of the pairs of pearl drop earrings from the Bernadotte Collection. She wore the Bernadotte Diamond Bracelet (for lack of a better description) which I believe is a first for her. She carried a Bottega Veneta clutch.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nobel Prize Ceremony

Today is the long awaited Nobel Ceremony. The Nobel Ceremony is held in Stockholm with the Royal Family in attendance. Note this is not the same as the Nobel Peace Prize which was held Oslo this morning. Nobel Ceremonies is one of my favorite days of the Royal Calendar because it means new gowns and lots of tiara bling! And let me tell you- The Swedish Ladies did not disappoint!

First off, can we talk about Queen Silvia’s new red gown- it is STUNNING! I love it and think she pulled it off beautifully! And we were right- the 9 Prong came out tonight! This tiara originated with Queen Sofia of Sweden and it’s more proper total is the Queen Sofia Diamond Tiara- I just call it the 9 Prong because it reminds me of reindeer antlers… She wore the Karl XIV Johan diamond earrings as well. Her necklace appears to be the Briljantcollier med Hänge (Diamond Necklace with Pendant. The pendant was a legacy to the Bernadottes from the Gustavian royal family. Her brooch appeared to be the ruby brooch that the family has. I do not know the history behind that brooch.

Crown Princess Victoria looked stunning a violet gown. It featured a v-neck cut dress with a matching sheer cape over the top. She delighted us again with the Connaught Tiara- I love it. I hope now it will become a regular. She wore the 2 bracelets from the Amethyst Parure as a necklace which we have seen done by others in the family before. She wore the matching earrings from that set. She also appeared to be wearing the brooch from the set in her hair. Her bracelet is the diamond zig-zag bracelet (It does not have an official name but it is a zig-zag pattern). She carried a Bottega Veneta Clutch.
UPDATE: Her gown comes from By Malina- it is a specially made Aubergine Silk Chiffon Gown and Cape.

Princess Sofia stunned again by wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown (Nice Find Heaven!!) She wore her wedding tiara once again and this time paired it with emerald and diamond earrings which I suspect were apart of the wedding gift from the Royal Couple. UPDATE: she borrowed from Queen Silvia. You can see Silvia wearing them here. She wore the stunning Queen Victoria’s Braganza Brooch on her front.
Princess Madeleine wore a STUNNING grey gown which I suspect was made by Fadi el Khoury (UPDATE: SVT said it was from Fadi el Khoury and Fadi himself told me that it was from him!). I am in love with it. I legit just teared up when I saw the full length of it. I am in love… Anyway she pulled out the biggest surprise by wearing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik tiara owned by her Aunt- Princess Margaretha. She wore Queen Silvia’s diamond flower earrings. And bless her heart- She really is trying to kill me- She wore the aquamarine ring that Princess Lilian left her upon her death in 2013. She appears to carry a clutch from Jimmy Choo.

Princess Christina pulled out a dress I believe she has worn before and I was right- she came in the 6 Button Tiara. She pulls off this tiara fantastically! Her brooch on her sash was a diamond and pearl brooch that she has had for many many years. 

That is all for now- I shall update as we find out more information and see more photos.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Audience with the President of Afghanistan

On December 4th, Crown Princess Victoria held an audience with the President of Afghanistan. 

For this audience, Victoria chose to rewear her purple bespoke coat and dress from Seraphine. You will be able to purchase the same dress in red come spring 2016 by keeping your eye on their site. 

Photo from 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Prince Couple's Foundation Meeting

Today Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended the regular meeting for their foundation which was created in connection with their wedding. The purpose of their foundation is to "promote and support children and young people in care and educational issues".

Sofia wore what looks to be a chambray shirt which has not been identified. 

Meeting with Sports without Borders

Yesterday, Princess Sofia held a meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm for the founder of Sports without Borders. You may remember back in October, Sofia and Carl Philip went and opened the start of of Sports without Borders between 2 schools- you can refresh your memory HERE.

For this visit Sofia wore a scarf that is suspected to be from Beulah London- stay tuned to see if the company confirms it. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Nobel Predictions

You requested- We are answering. Here are Heaven and I's predictions for all things Nobel Festivities!

Queen Silvia

Sarah- I expect Silvia to wear the 9 Prong/Queen Sophia's Diamond Tiara this year. If you look back over the past few years she seems to have alternated between Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and the 9 Prong. If you have ever stalked my online presence you will not be surprised to hear that this is not my favorite a long shot... I really am not a fan. I will say that it is growing on me but very very slowly so I don't hold my breath for this year! As for a gown I would love to see one of the gowns she wore to either Victoria or Madeleine's wedding but that probably isn't likely so I will have to say anything but that gown from 2 years ago or the dress from Carl Philip's wedding. I will probably regret saying "anything" but that is what I am going to say... If we get a monstrosity- I give you permission to blame it on me! 

Heaven- I think she'll be going with the 9 Prong which is not my favorite. I personally would love to see her in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara. Keeping in mind that she will probably wear the 9 Prong, I would love her to wear the dress she wore at Madeleine's wedding! It was one of my favorite at the wedding and I've been dying to see it again! But she'll probably surprise me as always.

Crown Princess Victoria

Sarah- I honestly have no clue what Victoria is going to wear this year (which is why I really did not want to write this post). She is going to be pretty pregnant and I have not figured out what she going to wear. Maybe Pär Engsheden or Fadi el Khoury? I like their designs so I will go with that. Or maybe she will wear a custom Seraphine Maternity gown as we know she has been loving them this pregnancy! As for a tiara... I am always hoping for the 6-Button- because unlike the rest of the world that is my favorite but I have a feeling Christina is going to wear that so realistically I am going to say the Laurel Wreath Tiara. 
Heaven- Even though I'm sure she will choose a Swedish designer such as Fadi el Khoury or Par Engsheden, I'm dying to see her in Elie Saab ( I know, pretty unrealistic) It's been a while since she wore Elie Saab and she always look amazing in his designs. Although I don't think anything could top what she wore last year! I think she will wear the tiara she wore last year and that's absolutely fine by me as I love that tiara.

After we wrote these predictions, we found this tweet so it looks like Fadi el Khoury is a likely prediction for Victoria! (They hinted on their Facebook page that the material was for Victoria)

Princess Sofia

Sarah- I expect Sofia to wear her wedding tiara again. I really hope she does because I want to see some more photos of it. I still have not decided my feelings on it. I am thinking she may go for a custom gown from Ida Sjöstedt, the same designer who made her last Nobel gown and Wedding dress. I would love to see her in a YDE Copenhagen gown but I am not going to hold my breath for that.
Heaven- I think she will go for a custom Ida  Sjöstedt gown and her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a Zuhair Murad couture gown maybe as she wore one of his design to her pre-wedding dinner but again, just a wishful thought

Princess Madeleine- 

Sarah- I am going to take an oh so wild leap (sarcasm) and say she is going to wear the Carl XVI Gustaf diamond tiara. The same one she wore for her wedding and almost every tiara occasion since her 18th birthday. The girl loves that tiara! (It is beautiful- don't get me wrong- but I would love to see some variety) As for a gown I am feeling a red/pink/purple color this year. As for designer I have no clue but she normally does a really good job picking dresses I like so I am going to let her surprise me.

Heaven- It's the same every year, I have no clue about what she'll wear but I'm pretty sure she'll choose her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a purple Zac Posen gown and the Amethyst tiara because I love purple and the fitting of Zac Posen's designs are always amazing and she would look so good !

Princess Christina

Sarah- I am throwing Christina into the mix just because I feel that she does not get enough coverage and love. I expect Christina to wear the 6-Button Tiara (as I mentioned above). She looks great in the tiara and it is my favorite. As for a gown I expect a kaftan inspired dress that she pulls off so well and does very often. 

Heaven- I'm not really familiar with her and I don't know anything about her style so I look through some of her old looks and I'd like her to repeat the dress she wore at Carl-Philip and Sofia's wedding  with the 6-Button tiara.

Well that is our predictions- What are you predicting for the Nobel Ceremony? What are you hoping to see? 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday Catch-Up

Yesterday there were a bunch of photos of different outings from the Swedish Ladies from the past few days- but I was just plum too tired to post about them. (I had my own Julmarknad to attend to...)

Speaking of Julmarknad (Christmas Markets)- Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle attended one at the Royal Stables yesterday.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

This was not an announced visit but something I imagine they were doing as a family and the court decided to release photos afterwards. One distinct piece of clothing I can ID is Estelle's coat. You may recognize it as being the same coat she wore to pick up the Christmas trees at the palace last year- or you could recognize it from the 1970s when Victoria wore it. I was surprised to see it again- I figured a year later Estelle would not fit into it as kids grow like weeds but I guess I was wrong!

Another outing that was pictured yesterday was Sofia attending a Friday Night soccer/football game apart of a new Project Playground initiative. They are sponsoring an event where refugee children get to connect and meet others in similar places as them through playing on a large field after hours.

My great Facebook and Twitter followers alerted me that she was wearing a top from IRO and pants that may be from Isabella Oliver Maternity. (I really don't know about the pants- the photos are too blurry to say for sure so I am not going to post them on the blog)

I think that is all for news that I have missed. Let me know if I forgot something dear readers! 

Project Playground's Dinner

On the 26 of November, Carl Philip and Sofia attended a charity dinner for Project Playground. The dinner was held at Nio Rum (Nine Rooms) which is a renovated function hall in Stockholm. They managed to raise about 1 million SEK for Project Playground during that evening alone. 

For this night out, Sofia wore a stunning dress from & Other Stories and wore a pair of earrings which come from Mrs. Mi.

Photo from Project Playground 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Advisory Meeting at the Palace

Another Post! Apparently this evening Carl Gustaf and Victoria held an Advisory meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. And Victoria changed for this occasion. I don't know why- I don't even think it was on the public calendar- but here it is anyway!

Victoria wore the same Seraphine dress that she wore back a few weeks ago when she attended the Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture given by Nobel Peace Prize Laurette José Ramos-Horta. You can read my recap of that event HERE. She appears to be wearing her blue YSL pumps but the photos are not that great and I am still honing my shoe identifying skills. I also imagine that she is wearing a necklace from Kreuger Jewellery (this one probably) but that is probably too far of a stretch to say for certain.

It should be noted that this same dress was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge when attending the December Meeting for the 1851 Trust at the Goring Hotel. You can read about that visit and see photos here

Photos from 

2015 Nobel Prize Meeting at the Palace

Today the King, Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, and Princess Sofia attended a meeting about the 2015 Nobel Prize ceremony at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Not much can be seen from this photo, but I can tell you that Victoria is wearing her red dress from Seraphine.

Photos from