Friday, February 26, 2016

Today Princess Sofia met with Ängla Eklund, Sofia Ewerlöf, and Mårten Schultz to talk about how to work against Internet related violations. The Royal Court said,
"These are important questions for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. Via the Prince Couple's foundation, the Prince and Princess work to fight bullying with the vision that children and young people should have the right to be themselves. The focus is to fight Internet related hate and violations, as well as spread knowledge about dyslexia." 

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Sofia wore her black button down blouse from Proud with a white with black trim sweater over it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meeting About UN Global Goals

Victoria met with various politicians today to discuss UN Global Goals following her appointment as one of Agenda 2030's Ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Victoria wore her new By Malene Birger Blazer, a Sophie by Sophie necklace and what is most likely Seraphine's Black Maternity Skinny Jeans.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Meeting Friends at the Palace

Today Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia met with the organization Friends at the Royal Palace. Friends helps bring awareness and support to the issue of Cyberbulling. Cyberbulling is one of the focuses of the Prince Couple's Foundation so it makes sense that they would work together with Friends.

Sofia wore a black top under a white sweater. I suspect the black top is from Proud. 

Happy Birthday Estelle!

Today Princess Estelle turns 4! On this occasion the Royal Court published some new photos!

Estelle is wearing a dress from Marie Chantal (that she wore to Desiree Magnusson's Baptism). Victoria is wearing a new coat from Lexington Co.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Prince and Princess Party

Today Madeleine and Leonore hosted a Prince and Princess Party for 12 children from Min Stora Dag. Madeleine has been Min Stora Dag's Patron for over 5 years and has long been doing engagements and attending events with them. She has even got her family involved with the charity- we have seen the King and Crown Princess both host audiences for children the charity helps with. If my American Readers are familiar with the Make a Wish Foundation, that is the American equivalent to Min Stora Dag. For the rest of my readers, Min Stora Dag grants "wishes" for seriously ill children around Sweden.

At this Prince and Princess Party guests were told to dress in their royal attire and they were welcomed to the Royal Palace by Princess Madeleine. They dined on juice,cake, and cookies and were entertained by Tobbe Wizard, a popular children's entertainer in Sweden. The children were treated like royalty.

I am not going to lie- this is probably my all-time favorite event the Swedish Royal Family has ever held (and that I am aware of- it that is a couple thousand I have read about). Madeleine didn't just put on a pretty day dress but she pulled out my *FAVORITE* gown and wore her best jewels. She gave the kids a real life Princess. And while she was wearing all of this- she got down on the floor to play with the kids. Let me repeat that- She was down ON the floor, playing with the kids, in her ONE-OF-A-KIND, who knows how expensive, beautiful gown. Madeleine wins an award. She just raised the level of expectations to a new level. I really hope this becomes an annual event because it was just so sweet.
If I have not convinced you yet how precious this even was, watch this video from Min Stora Dag.

Sagokalas på Stockholms Slott med Prinsessan Madeleine och Min...
Första unika filmen från sagokalaset på Stockholms Slott som Min Stora Dag arrangerade tillsammans med Prinsessan Madeleine. 12 barn med svåra sjukdomar, från hela Sverige, lekte med Prinsessan, underhölls av Tobbe Trollkarl, åt tårta och fiskade fiskdamm. Var med och förverkliga fler önskedrömmar, swisha en gåva till 123 900 5133.
Posted by Min Stora Dag on Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Madeleine wore an almost identical copy of her Nobel Outfit this year- her Fadi el Khoury gown with her Aunt Margaretha's Aquamarine Tiara. She did wear a new pair of drop chandelier earrings. Madeleine looked amazing. Leonore came in a pink princess dress and fit right in with the rest of the guests.

Photos from Credit to Kate Gabor

Advisory Council Meeting

Today Victoria joined her father at the Advisory Council meeting held at the Royal Palace. The Advisory Council is a consultative body between the parliament and the government where the King sits in the chair. The Advisory Council is convened on the government and the Constitution states that "The Government shall keep the Advisory Council informed about the foreign policy conditions that may be of importance for the country and discuss with the Board on these as often as needed." Victoria sits on the Foreign Policy Council.

Victoria appears to be wearing her long By Malene Birger blazer with an ASOS maternity Dress.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Princess Leonore

Today the Royal Court and Princess Madeleine published new photos in connection with Princess Leonore's 2nd Birthday! These photos were taken at the Princess Couple's Apartment in Stockholm by Brigitte Grenfeldt.

Time flies- our Leonore is 2! Happiest of birthday wishes to our beautiful and sweet daughter.Photo credit: Brigitte Grenfeldt
Posted by Princess Madeleine of Sweden on Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Arts Academy Formal Gathering

On 19 February, Sofia and Carl Philip joined the Queen when she handed out the diplomas to this years winners at the Arts Academy Formal Gathering.

Sofia wore a custom made maternity dress from Ida Lanto. She wore her faux fur jacket from Morris Stockholm and wore her Yves Saint Laurent pumps. Her bag comes from Unisa. I loved this outfit- she looks amazing.

A Trip to the Bernadotte Library

One day this month, Crown Princess Victoria visited the Bernadotte Library to view some of the collections as well as to hear about the interest and work they have been up to in the archives. The Bernadotte Library was started by Oscar II and houses photos and documents from Karl XIV Johan to Gustaf VI Adolf.

Victoria wore her Gun Blouse from Mayla and carried her Valentino Bag. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2 days of World Childhood Foundation Meetings

For the past 2 days, Madeleine has been in Stockholm joining her mother, at various meetings at the Royal Palace for World Childhood Foundation.

February 17th

I cannot make out any details of what she is wearing besides the necklace, which we have seen before but never identified.

February 18th

Madeleine wore her Nanette Lepore dress with a black cardigan.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Meeting with UN's General Assembly

On 15 February, Victoria met with the UN's General Assembly Mogens Lykketofts. This comes after her appointment to the new "Sustainable Development Goals Advocates" for Agenda 2030.

I imagine she is wearing Seraphine Maternity black pants.

Photos from and Facebook

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meetings at the Palace

Today,  Carl Gustaf and Victoria held an audience for Anna Lindstedt , Sweden's climate ambassador at the Royal Palace. They discussed the global climate agreement reached during the COP21 at Paris last December and how climate work is progressing.

She wore a top from H&M maternity line that she already wore when she was pregnant with Estelle. Sarah IDed this top a few weeks ago! 

Sofia held an audience for Diana Madunic, the ambassador for sustainable business but for now, no photos were made available but this post will be updated when we have one!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Triple Threat

Today was a busy day for the Swedish Royal Family. Victoria had 3 Public Meetings and the rest of the (Stockholm based) family had at least one. The day started with Victoria and Carl Gustaf holding a Council of State and then Daniel, Carl Philip, Sofia, and Silvia joined them for a presentation on Sweden's new export strategy.

For these engagements Victoria wore her blue pleated Seraphine dress with YSL pumps and carried her Valentino Bag. Silvia wore a jacket from Armani Collezioni.

Later this evening Victoria attended the Global Change Awards held in Stockholm's City Hall.

She wore a new navy blue gown which is being reported as H&M Conscious Collection 2016 but I am waiting for confirmation. UPDATE: H&M confirmed that the dress is from this collection. She also debuted a new clutch and new earrings. Her earrings come from H&M Conscious Collection 2016- while they are not the exact same as the ones shown below I suspect that is because they were just too long for Victoria's liking. It appears that she removed 3 of the rungs and I must say she looks lovely in them. Her clutch comes from this H&M collection as well. Her shoes I haven't got a good look at yet but I imagine they are YSL. H&M has not released stock photos of the items yet but they did confirm their pieces to me. They informed me that both the gown and the bag were custom pieces that they created for the Crown Princess based off items from the collection.
Photos from  // Also check out our fabulous friends post here

Friday, February 5, 2016

Victoria at Stockholm Environmental Institute

Today Victoria visited the Stockholm Enviornmental Institute as part of her new appointment to the new "Sustainable Development Goals Advocates" for Agenda 2030.

Victoria wore a new coat (that I feel like I have seen but cannot find now that I am looking for it) over her By Malene Birger Lanoa Blazer. She wore a white button down shirt and wore a pair of boots which Cecile reminded me she wore back in 2012. Johanna at Kungliga Mode Bloggen found that her hair tie is from Corinne. She also carried her Valentino Bag. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dinner at the Palace

Tonight the Royal Family hosted the first of the years Representationsmiddag- a dinner which they host a few times of years for Representatives from around Sweden. Tonight marked Sofia's first Representationsmiddag since she became a Princess of Sweden. Tonight's dinner is hosted by the King and Queen, with Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, and Sofia in attendance. (For those of you missing Madeleine- we will see her in 2 weeks) This is likely to be one of Victoria's last high publicity engagement before she gives birth. The court has said that she is due in early March but I really am thinking that it will be the end of February just like Estelle.

Queen Silvia pulled out one of her red lace gowns- honestly I am not surprised. Over the years of analyzing, reading and studying about the Swedish Royal Family I have come to the educated conclusion that red is one of her favorite colors. Normally I don't mind this gown but with the mismatching shall I am just not a fan of it tonight. Perhaps without the shall it would have been better.

She is wearing the Connaught Tiara for the first time in awhile so she gets redemption points with that. (I love that tiara!) She wore the Karl XIV Johan Diamond Earrings as well as a diamond collet necklace. It was a very Diamondy (is that a word? It should be) ensemble.

Crown Princess Victoria wore one of the two gowns that I wished she would wear- but now I am regretting it. She first wore this gown when she was pregnant with Estelle in 2011.

She carried a new Bottega Veneta clutch (!!) and while I have yet to see a great photo of her shoes, I imagine them to be her grey By Malene Birger pumps. She wore the Baden Fringe Tiara with a pair of earrings that we haven't seen in some time (I think the last time we saw them was Madeleine's Pre-Wedding Party.) I cannot see if they are diamond or crystals but I imagine they are diamonds. The earrings also have a hint of blue in them but I am not a stone expert so I cannot even begin to guess what kind they are! She wore one of the diamond brooches on her sash as well. On her right wrist she wore one of the two Bernadotte Diamond Tennis Bracelets.

Princess Sofia wore a gold shimmering gown which she appears to have borrowed from her friend. (Her friend Olivia- not Carolina like Svenskdam has/was reporting wore it to Carl Philip and Sofia's wedding this summer) The dress was made by Thalia, a brand very familiar with the Swedish Royal Family. Göran Alfredsson, the head designer, created Victoria's 18th Birthday Dress as well as both gowns Sofia wore to Madeleine's wedding in 2013.

She carried her H&M Glitter Clutch and from the very low quality, far away photo I saw she could be wearing her Charlotte Olympia Wedding Shoes. She wore on her sash the gold and pearl brooch that Madeleine wore to the Nobel Ceremony in 2015 and on her right wrist she wore the other Bernadotte Diamond Dennis Bracelet. On her head she wore her Wedding Tiara. I am not a huge fan of this tiara-dress combination but she was given Emeralds- they cannot go with everything! (Side Note: I think Sofia will break into the Bernadotte Jewel Vaults but for now she wants to wear her Wedding Tiara to 1.Get used to having something on your head 2. Show her appreciation for the gift and 3. Because she probably loves it- I mean who doesn't love a tiara of your very own!)
We will see Victoria again on Friday and both, Victoria and Sofia, together next Wednesday.

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