Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekly Catch Up

Sorry I have not posted this week- I have been around I promise! I have spent most of my online time searching for older fashions (check the pages in the sidebar!) and have found a good number of new matches for you all to enjoy!

Okay so this is going to be a flash and dash post showing you what outfits have been worn since my last post and noting if we know the designers.

Victoria has had a few busy days this week. First on January 27 she attended the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in Auschwitz.

 For this event she wore her Milly jacket first seen in 2011 when pregnant with Estelle.

Yesterday, Victoria opened the European Championships for Figure Skating. Estelle and Daniel joined her for the day and we of course got some adorable photos!

Victoria wore her blue Prada coat (recently ID'd with the help of Anna at My Small Obsessions- The Countess of Wessex wore the same coat in cream this past week as well). Victoria originally wore this coat back in November 2014 when opening the tunnel with her father.  
Finally- Today Victoria and Daniel met with John Mullins at Haga Slott. 

Victoria wore her Victoria Beckham top we first saw in San Francisco. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cabinet Briefing for Victoria

Today, Victoria and Carl Gustaf held a Cabinet Briefing for the government at the Royal Palace.

It is difficult to say what Victoria is wearing from this small photo but it looks to me to be her By Malene Birger jacket we first saw her wear in 2012. What do you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekly Catch-Up: Silicon Valley and Min Stora Dag

Sorry I have not been around to post lately, first week of the new semester for me and I have been going to bed early to try and kick this cold I seem to have caught in the butt. I have 20 minutes before my next class so I am going to try and get this posted before it.

Madeleine had her first engagement of the year this week when she hosted a meeting with Hélène Benno from Min Stora Dag (My Big Day- the Swedish equivalent of Make-A-Wish Foundation) at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  Madeleine has been a patron of Min Stora Dag since 2001.

I have absoultly no clue on fashion ID's for this outfit but she looked good. She also wore some "Biker" boots that got mixed reviews from Royal Watchers.

Victoria and Daniel continued their time in Silicon Valley finishing yesterday. Surprisingly even though they were in the Social Media Hub only 3 photos have been seen from Day 2 but thankfully Day 3 produced many more.

Day 2:

 Day 3:

On Day 2 it is difficult to see what Victoria is wearing but I believe those are her ACNE pumps and the same red dress that I suspect to be Prada from the Christmas Video. I also think that is her Stella McCartney bag.

Day 3 Victoria rewore her Giambattista Valli Dress (one of my favorites) and also used her Stella McCartney clutch again. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Victoria and Daniel Continue their Visit to San Francisco

Yesterday, Victoria and Daniel continued their visit to San Francisco sans Estelle. They started off their day visiting Stripe and Runway.

Victoria wore this graffiti detailed top from Victoria Beckham with a black skirt. She paired it with a new white bag from Ralph Lauren.

Later in the evening, Victoria and Daniel attended an event called "The Nordics and Silicon Valley- from Startup to Success.

Victoria rewore her LK Bennett dress for this event and I am so excited that she did. It is one of my favorites and she looks great in it! She wore her grey By Malene Birger shoes also.  She reused her white Ralph Lauren bag from this morning and wore her Kreuger Jewellery necklace and earrings.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle in Silicon Valley

Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle started their visit to Silicon Valley with a FIKA (coffee break) at the Swedish Church.
Can we please start by admiring how they are all matchy matchy? So adorable!

Okay- on to the Fashion! Victoria wore her COS dress with her Kreuger Pearl Earrings and By Malene Birger Shoes.


Estelle wore this stunning Livly dress appropriately called Painted Garden. She also wore a bow from Livly and Livly Mary Jane shoes.

Sofia at the Sports Gala

Today, Sofia and Carl Philip attended a Sports Gala in Stockholm.

Sofia wore this BCBG Max Azria color blocked gown. This gown has been appearing in a lot of my searches lately and I am glad that I finally get to see it on a royal! I will look around for her accessories later tonight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Engagement of the Year

Today Crown Princess Victoria joined her parents for their first engagement of the year. The trio met with aid workers at Stockholm's Palace who had just returned from Ebola affected areas in West Africa.
For this engagement Victoria re-wore some pieces that she debuted last year  and has continuously worn since.

Victoria has wore both her blue LK Bennett Jacket and her Yves Saint Laurent booties at least twice in the past month or two so it was not really a surprise to see her wear them again. Due to the photo quality it is difficult to see her shirt plus black shirts are hard to identify. Any Ideas?

UPDATE: Expressen posted this better quality photo of Victoria. Still no clue what shirt she is wearing however.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sofia in Issue New York

Remember Sofia's stunning gown for the King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureate's?
 Well after many weeks of looking through fashion show photos- I stumbled upon it by accident! The gown comes from Eliza Jane Howell!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Confirmation from Fadi el Khoury

I have spent my morning sending emails back and forth with various designers and I can confirm that Fadi el Khoury is the designer of both of these gowns. This is probably not news to you as it was suspected but I just wanted to make sure. They are beautiful dresses!
Victoria in 2013
Madeleine at the 2014 Nobel Ceremony
I must say that out of all the designers I have conversed with over time- Fadi el Khoury has been the nicest and the quickest in returning my emails. I love these gowns too!