Friday, January 29, 2016

Meetings at the Palace

Today both Sofia and Victoria held audience at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Sofia held an audience for Pernilla Hillerås- a research director at Sophiahemmet. You will remember that just last week Sofia attended the graduation ceremony for some of the nurses from Sophiahemmet.

Sofia wore a top we first saw back in 2014 which comes from Hunkydory.

Victoria held an audience for Johan Rockström who is a Professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University. They discussed current environmental concerns as well as Victoria's ambassadorship for Agenda 2030.

Victoria appears to be wearing her By Malene Birger blazer that she debuted last week as well as her Pistol Top from Mayla.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Prince Couple Foundation Meeting

Today Sofia and Carl Philip held a board meeting for their Prince Couple's Foundation. This foundation started back at the time of their wedding and they hold meetings regularly to discuss what they are going to help support and fund as well as get updates on what they have helped fund.

Sofia wore a red blouse from Proud (Thanks Johanna!) under a black blazer which looks to be from Filippa K. Sofia wore the same blazer to Princess Lilian's Funeral.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Holocaust Remembrance Events

Today Victoria and Sofia both took part in events which were held in Remembrance of the Holocaust and the its' victims. Victoria this morning handed out grants from Micael Bindefeld's foundation, "Micael Bindefelds Stiftelse till minne av Förintelsen". This foundation gives grants to those who continue to work to spread the story of the Holocaust and make sure it is never forgotten.

Victoria wore a new coat from Day Birger et Mikkelsen over a black dress. DAY was kind enough to send me a photo of the coat and informed me that it is apart of their SS16 Native Line which is an all fair trade and handmade Line. She carried her Valentino Bag and wore jewelry from Kreuger Jewellery (earrings, bracelet, and a necklace). She wore black booties again- not from af Klingberg but another pair that she has been wearing a lot- I have no clue where they come from.

Later in the evening, Sofia attended a service at Stockholm Synagogue in remembrance of the Holocaust.
She wore a new trench coat and black dress which appears to have some floral appliqué detail on the sleeves. She finished the look with black pumps and a pouch bag. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

UPDATED: 25th of January: Sofia and Victoria

Today, Victoria was at Viksjö School in Järfälla to hear a lecture given by Emerich Roth. Emerich Roth is a Holocaust Survivor and goes around to schools telling about how he cheated death repeatedly during World War II. He and Victoria have met before, most recently last year on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. After his lecture, Victoria joined him in walking around to see the students presentations. This lecture was a part of the schools peace and democracy work with its' students.

Victoria wore her Whyred Grace Silk Top with the same long black blazer she wore last Thursday. She wore a pair of black booties which have not been identified yet. We saw the same boots last Monday (I had previously got them confused with her af Klingberg boots but they are not the same). She carried her Valentino Bag and wore Kreuger Jewellery earrings, necklace, and bracelet.

Later tonight Sofia and Carl Philip will attend the Sports Gala. I will update this post when photos become available- so stay tuned! Sofia and Carl Philip arrived on the red carpet and looked smashing.
Sofia, whose bump is now very visible, wore a new blue gown that we suspect to be CONFIRMED to be from Greta. She wore new earrings from Zara (Thanks World of Royals for finding these!), and carried the same clutch that she did to Nicolas' Christening (any one have an idea on the designer?). She appears to be wearing blue pumps but I have no idea on their designer.

Have a great rest of your Monday! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

400 Years of Clocks

Dear Blog Readers,
May I take this moment to be honest with you? In the past 5 days I have written 5 posts, spent 4+ hours writing and editing this blog, and many other hours pouring myself into research on the Swedish fashion and on the royal family. I am honestly burnt out. (Don't forget- I am a full time university student with 2 majors and a concentration/minor.) But when I come online and see you all interacting with the site, commenting, just visiting the pages- I get the stubbornness to keep it up and write another post. Which is what I am about to do now. I sincerely thank you readers for taking time to interact with the site and checking out what I am I posting. 
Tack så mycket!

Now back to our regular post! Today Victoria joined her parents and her paternal aunt (Princess Christina) at the Royal Palace to open the exhibition- I tiden- Kungliga klocken under 400 år - loosely translated to "With the Time- Royal Clocks in 400 Years". This exhibition celebrates the King's 70th year of life by displaying one of his interests- clocks and watches. The King and Queen have selected numerous historic and private clocks and watches to put on display, including some which belonged to former Kings!

Victoria wore a black dress (no ID) under a Fuschia coat. This coat she has had for 5 years at least and sadly it has never been identified. She wore her af Klingberg boots and carried a black clutch (no ID). The only notable jewelry she wore was a leather bracelet from Kreuger Jewellery. (She wore a similar bracelet in a lighter color on Victoriadagen in 2015)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21- A Busy Day for Princesses

Today was a busy day for Princesses All Around.

Let's start with Madeleine who owned the Paparazzi this morning by posting her own photos of her Vacation while getting a perfect jab in at them ignoring the families privacy. Go Madeleine!

Family time, sadly interrupted. What a pity we weren't just asked for photos, because here are some sweet ones.
Posted by Princess Madeleine of Sweden on Wednesday, January 20, 2016
In one of the photos, she can be seen wearing a super cute Beach Cover-Up from Juliet Dunn London. In the photos you can also see Leonore in some Livly Bows and a dress from Marie Chantal! One photo featuring Nicolas with Madeleine shows him wearing a bodysuit from Marie Chantal as well!

Next up we will go to Crown Princess Victoria who attended one of the concerts during the Young Music at the Palace which we discussed yesterday.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Later in the day, she visited Futebol da forca (IFK Tumba Football Club) and observed a training session. The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation supports the work that Tumba does.

She wore pants for the first time (for a public engagement) in many months today. I have no ideas on the outfit besides for that her bag is from Valentino and her shoes are Yves Saint Laurent. Her earrings come from Kreuger Jewellery.

Finally we are at Princess Sofia, who handled out the medals to Sophiasysters. On January 1st, she took over from the King's sister, Princess Christina as honorary chairman of Sophiahemmet.

She wore a beautiful new lace dress from H&M Maternity Line, over which she wore her Max Mara jacket from the Te Deum before the wedding. I think she is wearing Yves Saint Laurent pumps. Her bracelet comes from Pearls of Freja. (Credit for finding this dress goes to @PRINSESSANSOFIA on Twitter)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Young Music at the Palace

Today, Sofia joined the King and Queen at the concert of Young Music at the Palace (Unga Musik på Slottet). It has been a long standing tradition (since King Gustav VI Adolf in 1970) that once a month there is a concert at the palace (Musik på Slottet) but in 2009, the King started this weeklong concert series where young children are invited to listen to Young Musicians perform at the Palace in Stockholm. The King and Queen also attended a concert this morning before being joined by Sofia in the afternoon session.

For this Sofia wore a dress which I believe is from H&M, you can really see her bump growing but she has just to turn to Maternity Dresses. I have yet to find a good photo where you can see her shoes to know anything about them. Her bracelet comes from Pearls of Freja (See above).

Queen Silvia wore the suit that we discussed over a year ago. Thankfully she has kept the gigantic bows off - let's hope they are off for good!

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Victoria at Jacob Wallenberg's 60th Birthday Celebration

This photo came across my Instagram feed this morning of Victoria attending Jacob Wallenberg's 60th Birthday Celebrations. I do not know when it was but never-the-less I have a photo to share with you! Jacob Wallenberg is a good friend of the Swedish Royal Family as well as the person who helps to managed their finances.

Victoria is wearing a jacket from UNREAL FUR and what appears to be a gown from Seraphine (I am still waiting on confirmation from Seraphine NOT FROM SERAPHINE but I wanted to get this post up before I go to classes for the day). She is carrying her Stella McCartney Zip Clutch and I think she is wearing Lara Bohinc earrings. If anyone finds better photos- please send them my way!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Victoria attends Agenda 2030

Today, Victoria attended the conference titled Agenda 2030 in downtown Stockholm. This conference focused on what Sweden can do to help reach the global goals that the UN set in September. These 17 goals that they hope to reach by 2030 are goals that strive to improve inequality, poverty, hunger, and strive to sustain and protect our planet.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

For this engagement Victoria wore some of what have been her staples throughout her pregnancy. She chose her black and white geometric Asos Maternity dress. Over this she wore her Seraphine Black Peplum Blazer (Currently out of stock). She chose to keep with the black theme by selecting her black Valentino bag. It also appears that she is wearing a new watch instead of her trusty Epoch watch which was a gift from the court about 5 years or so ago.

I must be honest- my first reaction to the photos was- "Holy Bump!" Victoria has really popped- I am pretty convinced she is going to give birth near Estelle's Birthday- I really don't see her holding off until March! The next time you will here from me is most likely Thursday when Sofia has her first engagement of the year. Until then- have a great week! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Welcome back! I am so excited about what this upcoming year holds for the Swedish Royal Family- both on a personal event standpoint as well as in the fashion area!

Victoria was back to work today joining Daniel, and the King and Queen for a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs discussing State Visits. Now I doubt we will see any state visits for Victoria or Daniel until at least after the summer, the King and Queen may carry out one or two.

For this meeting Victoria wore once again her Seraphine Bubble Print Maternity Dress- while this dress is currently Sold Out- it will be back in stock in March for those of you who are looking to add it to your closet!

We have to wait another week to see Victoria again but I am sure it will be worth the wait to see how big her bump has grown! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Photos From Seraphine and

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A meeting with Svenskdam Editor and Chief!

(Yes- this post is being back posted- simply for the reason that I like things to be in date order)

Back on January 12 (cough... my birthday... cough) Victoria and Daniel had a private meeting with the Editor in Chief of Svenskdam! She posted a photo of their meeting on her Instagram!

A photo posted by @karinlennmor on

Victoria can be seen wearing her Seraphine Black Zip Detail Dress- which she has worn previously this pregnancy! That is all I can see of the outfit besides for black tights but knowing Victoria she is probably wearing a pair of black pumps or booties.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Adventure to the Scandinavian Library

***Note: This has nothing to do with Current Royal Events or anything to do with Fashion***

Yesterday I took an adventure to the Scandinavian Library in my state. I just discovered that it existed last month and planned a trip with my grandfather as something that we could do together. So we started off our journey and arrived to find this library was one room inside a Cultural Center and a Elderly Home.

Upon entering, I found the room was packed with books- I was like a kid in a candy shop. One of the volunteers asked if I wanted help and I told her I was looking for their books about the Swedish Royal Family. She looked at me funny and then proceeded to help me. I sat down and began to read and then found so many new-to-me stories and facts. My favorite story I am going to share below- I think it really shows the quick wit of Queen Silvia.
The state visit to Mexico in 1982 ended in a small idyllic town on Yucatan Peninsula. The last night the royal couple, royal court, and the press all stayed at the same luxury hotel which only had just one private phone. This one was located in the royal couple's suite. In the middle of the night (it was the daytime in Sweden) Expressen began to call and seek a reporter, Björn Vinberg.
-He is not here, said a dazed Queen Silvia.
-Where is he?
-I do not know.
-Who are you?
-A German tourist.
A moment later the phone rang again. Where is Vinberg?
-I know absolutely not, said Silvia.
-Is it the German tourist?
-Sorry then.
-By all means.
The next morning when the royal couple gave the last interview at the airport in Merida the queen said:
Good morning, editor Vinberg. Last night I was your private operator!
Other Fun tidbits from my visit proved to be very uplifting to me- These volunteers would talk to me in English and then turn to one another and begin to talk in Swedish. I was very surprised how much of their conversation I understood! (In case you do not know- I only speak English but I continue to try to expand my Swedish vocabulary- I am slowly teaching myself!) I also made a friend who gave me some great tips on expanding the blog- so look for some of those changes in the next few weeks.

I am going to have to go back and find more fascinating stories and photos and try some Swedish Pastries at their Cafe! (Yesterday was Danish day but I really want to try a Semla so I am going to take my Grandmother and go back sometime!)

I look forward to getting back to Fashion Updates and Reports later this week!