Thursday, December 17, 2015

A visit to the Center for Business History

Today Victoria, Daniel, and Carl Philip undertook a visit to the Center for Business History in Stockholm. This outing was long on Daniel's calendar but he continued to invite family to attend with him, Carl Philip was added to the calendar a few weeks ago and then Victoria was added this morning.

For this visit, Victoria wore a new dress from Seraphine- their Black Zip Detail Maternity Dress. In all honesty, I have been eyeing this dress hoping she would wear it. It is very much her style. She appears to be carrying her Valentino Black Bag.


  1. Hi! I guess you just haven´t had time to publish it but here is a tip:
    Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attended a Christmas concert yesterday. Sofia was dressed in "Chloe" Maternity Lace Dress from Tiffany Rose and a jcket from Ti Mo.
    When she was at Börhuset she was wearing a dress from Victoria Chan, a jacket from Morris, a clutch from, H&M and earrings from Caroline Svedbom.

    1. Yes thank you! I was in on the IDing conversation on Twitter but I have been sick so I am finally having the energy to post now! :D Thank's for the information!