Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Day of the State Visit

Today Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, Sofia, and the King and Queen welcomed the President of India to Sweden. This was apart of a 3 day State Visit the President is making- it is the first state visit ever from India to Sweden so it is a big deal. This big deal had all the ladies bringing out some fine fashion.

Sofia wore a brand new dress from Paule Ka and wore her LK Bennett heels.
Victoria rewore a LK Bennett coat and a dress that she has worn in previous years which have no id. Her shoes are Dior and her hat is from Philip Treacy.

And Silvia looked lovely in purple! 

Sofia in Reiss

Today photos were released of Sofia and Carl Philip in order to promote an interview that will come out in two parts this week.
Her dress is from Reiss.
Photos from TV4

Jewel Predictions for the Upcoming Royal Wedding

Well here it is- my promised post about my jewel predictions for the upcoming royal wedding of Sofia and Carl Philip.

Let's start first off with the bride- In my previous post I said that she could decide not to wear any diadem/tiara at all which I know we all probably would be disappointed about. So let's tackle this idea first. Why on earth do I say that you ask? Well if we look back in history there have been a couple different royal brides in the Swedish line who chose not to wear a tiara on their wedding day. And I think there is first off a lot of practicality to this- who really wants to have something on your head the entire day- and that something is an priceless (okay not really but worth A LOT) and such a historical piece. It is entrusted into your care and why would you want to worry about that on your wedding day of all days! However I think this is about 25% of what I expect. Rather I expect about 50% that Sofia will be loaned a tiara from the vaults. I personally think she would look fantastic in the Connaught tiara so that is my prediction for her. It is not too heavy and perfect for someone who is coming into the family. It has volume but is still light and not to heavy. Also it was the first tiara Queen Silvia wore. My final 25% goes to Sofia being given a tiara all of her own to wear. I doubt this will happen but Victoria and Madeleine each have their own tiara which they received when they turned 18 and those were kind of like their "starter tiaras". (Actually can we talk about the fact they have STARTER tiaras of all things? How I wish I was a royal!)

Now onto the rest of the family. What will Silvia wear? I am wondering about the Leuchtenberg Sapphires but that would depend on the color of her gown.  Below I have posted photos from her two daughters weddings so you can see what she wore then. I doubt she will wear the Braganza/Brazilian tiara due to it's weight and stiffness. She could wear the 9 Prong again and perhaps she will but I think it will be one of the lighter tiaras.

Now Victoria, I suspect she will wear the Laurel Wreath Tiara, the same tiara she wore to Madeleine's wedding in order to honor Princess Lilian and Prince Bertil. Prince Bertil was Carl Philip's godfather so even if we don't see the tiara, which was given to Victoria by Princess Lilian upon her death, I think Victoria's sash will be pinned with the diamond brooch given to her by Lilian and Bertil upon her 18th birthday. You can see both the brooch and the tiara in the photo below.

Now onto Madeleine. Dearest Madeleine tends to only wear the Modern Fringe Tiara which is thought to have been a gift to Queen Silvia from the King for their 10th anniversary. She wore it for her own wedding in 2013 (much to my sadness) and I expect she will wear it once again. For Victoria's wedding she wore the Connaught Tiara but I since I have attributed that to Sofia in my head I don't think Madeleine will wear it.

As for foreign royals I have done some comparisons between Victoria and Madeleine's wedding and the only royal who wore the same tiara at both weddings was Kelly of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. She wore the stunning Turquoise tiara to both weddings and looked great (you can see a photo below). She is currently pregnant so depending upon how far a long she is we may or may not see her at Sofia and Carl Philip's wedding. What are your predictions? Leave a comment or a message on Facebook/Twitter and let me know!

Note: I would like to say how much I got distracted by all the tiaras involved in this post... I kept going off on different research tangents which made it very hard to get this finished! So much respect for those bloggers who write about jewels- I don't know how you get any posts finished with all the photos, articles, tidbits to read and see!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Royal Wedding Predictions

With less than 2 weeks until Carl Philip and Sofia tie the knot I thought it was about time that I posted my predictions for what we should expect for their wedding. You know- who we will see, what will be worn, where you should go to join in all the excitement. The important stuff!

Okay first let's address my predictions for who we will see at the ceremony. I expect the Swedish Royal Family to be there in full force. This means the Aunts and Uncles on both sides, siblings, and possibly cousins. As for foreign royals I expect there to be representatives from all the Scandinavian countries, which I can say with a pretty good amount of confidence due to this report which states the palace confirmed that the Queen and the Crown Prince Couple will be in attendance. Queen Margrethe is Carl Philip's godmother so it makes sense that she will be there. I also expect there to be someone representing from Bavaria there considering Prince Leopold is one of Carl Philip's godfathers. Also we know that Princess Takamodo of Japan will be there which gives me some idea that there will be other royals not just from the Scandinavian country.

As for clothing I have very little ideas about what has been worn. Maybe we will see Silvia in green or purple? I think the immediate family will stick to pastels but then again I could be completely wrong. Tiara's are another story- I have some ideas for those but I think I shall save that for a separate post- I am going to need something to do this week to help me get ready for all this excitement! But just as an idea- could we see no tiara for Sofia?! Hmmm something for you to think about!

Finally- Where should you follow all the excitement? First of all- Twitter! Follow me on Twitter and I shall be tweeting about the excitement! Also you can watch it live on SVT and I shall post that link when it is announced. Now for one more sad piece of news- I actually will be attending a wedding that very same day so I will most likely disappear sometime but I will be back blogging and updating you all just as soon as I can! But honestly- could the Swedes pick better dates?! Madeleine's wedding I was at graduation and now this one I am going to be at a family wedding! Oh My!!

Well until our Tiara post- Happy Royal Hunting! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

National Geographic Society meeting for Victoria

Today Victoria met with the National Geographic Society to discuss environment and sustainability, two topics which Victoria is very much engaged in.


Kronprinsessan hade möte med Mattias Klum, Terry Adamson och Gary Knell från National Geographic Society. Miljö och hållbarhet stod på agendan.
Posted by Kungahuset on Friday, May 29, 2015
For this Victoria wore her blue dress from Cos paired with black pumps and a black belt. She wore a necklace and earrings from Kreuger Jewellery.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Victoria in Gotland

Today Victoria and Daniel visited Gotland today. This visit included a furniture store, meeting with refugees, and a nice walk around with beautiful scenery. At one point Victoria even stopped to pick what I believe was a flower in the grass.
For this visit, Victoria wore an ensemble of all white- white pants, top, blazer, and even a white fedora. While I normally love her styles with fedoras I just was not feeling this one today. I think it sat a little too high for my taste. While I don't have any ID's on any of the pieces I did see this post on Instagram where Victoria was wearing a bracelet from One Collection UF.

A photo posted by One Collection UF (@onecollectionuf) on

What do you think of her ensemble?

 Photos from Kungahuset and Instagram

Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWF meeting at Ulriksdal Palace

Today the King and Victoria went to the World Wildlife Fund's Annual Meeting at Ulriksdal Palace. Both of them are very much interested and involved in charities which take an interest in care and sustainability of nature and wildlife. They often join in these kinds of engagements together which I think is very nice for a father and daughter as well as a King and his future heir. 

For this engagement, Victoria wore sensible flats which she debuted last year after she injured her foot, and re-wore her By Malene Birger jacket from a few years ago. It seems to me that Victoria has been going back through her closet in the recent days as we have seen some older pieces mixed with some newer ones. 

Photos from WWF and By Malene Birger

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lunch at the Royal Palace

Today the King and Queen with Daniel and Victoria held a lunch at the Royal Palace for ministers Ylva Johansson and Morgan Johansson.

Victoria wore her Mayla dress with her Tabitha Simmons pumps.

Photo from Kungahuset

Monday, May 18, 2015

Silvia and Victoria at Dementia Forum X

Today both Silvia and Victoria attended Dementia Forum X in Stockholm. Silvia has long been a patron and advocate for Dementia related patronages and organizations and 20 years ago she started Silviahemmet a school where nurses and doctors learn how to interact and treat patients who have dementia. Silvia's own mother, Alice, had dementia so Silvia learned first hand how there was a void in the medical field to take care of these needs which is why she started Silviahemmet. Today's forum was a collaboration between many different medical facilities and dementia research and care organizations. The Queen gave the keynote talk in the afternoon.

Victoria attended the event but alas we don't have very good photos from it so there is only 1 ID that I can make.

This photo above is the best photo I have been able to find from all day of Victoria Thanks to LadyFinn for directing me to this better photo from SvenskDam. From it I can say that she is wearing another jacket from Morris Stockholm. She might be wearing her Sophie by Sophie briolette necklace but I am not positive. She also was carrying a new green bag which I will poke around for but sadly Bag ID's are not my specialty. 

Tomorrow we will see the King, Queen, Victoria, and Daniel when they host a lunch at the royal palace.

Photo from Expressen, Svenskdam, and Morris Stockholm

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Marriage Bans for Sofia and Carl Philip

Today was Sofia and Carl Philip's Marriage Bans Service at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. This meant we had lots of hats, and new fashions for all. Plus we got to see the two littlest Princesses dressed in matching coats! Let's start by going through the fashion in order of succession.
First off, Victoria. For today she wore a new dress from Filippa K paired with a Philip Treacy hat. She wore her white/grey pump from By Malene Birger and her silver Nancy Gonzalez clutch.


Estelle wore a dress and coat from Marie Chantal and her typical Livly bow and shoes.

Sofia wore a hat from Malinda Damgaard and a dress with a matching jacket from MaxMara (thanks @yourlovemoments). She carried a Bottega Veneta clutch. UPDATE: Thanks to Heaven- Sofia also wore her Kurt Geiger pumps!

Madeleine wore a lace Champagne colored dress under a matching coat Seraphine. The coat is a bespoke piece but they kindly sent me photos. She paired it with a pair of nude heels and clutch both from Jimmy Choo and topped the ensemble off with a Philip Treacy hat. (Madeleine's dress- Their Allegra style dress- is currently out of stock but it will be restocked by the end of the week for those of you who are interested! It is the same dress she wore in blue to the Magnusson Christening in March.)

Leonore wore the same coat as Estelle from Marie Chantal as well as a dress from them, a pair of silver shoes, and a bow from Livly.

Photos from Kungahuset and Getty Images

Friday, May 15, 2015

Madeleine and Seraphine

With this pregnancy, we have seen a lot more of Madeleine in an official capacity. She along with Chris and Leonore moved back to Sweden in the fall and I imagine they have settled in to a routine and life which makes it easier for her to take on daily engagements. While they have not been numerous (And I am not opening this up to the discussion or bashing on her) we have seen some great pregnancy outfits from her this time around. Last time she wore a few gowns from Tiffany Rose and this time it seems to be that her new go-to maternity brand is Seraphine. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most notable fans of Seraphine but their clothing has been seen on countless other celebrities. Let's have a look at her outfits!

Her first outfit from Seraphine is one you probably have not seen before, or realized it was Seraphine. I emailed the company and they were more than happy to confirm and send me pictures of this dress. On March 21 the entire Royal Family attended the christening of their cousin's daughter- little Desiree Magnuson. Originally I posted that her dress could be from Tiffany Rose but it turns out that it was from Seraphine.


 This is their Allegra dress from their LUXE line however it is since sold out.

Madeleine's second look from Seraphine is from when she was visiting the Pope with her family a few weeks ago. For this engagement, Madeleine wore their Cropped Peplum Jacket which she wore over an ASOS maternity dress.

Most recently, Madeleine wore a coat which you might recall from the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe. While the Duchess wore this coat in Blue, Madeleine wore it in tan. This coat is also from their LUXE collection. It appears that Madeleine had the buttons switched out as well.

Which of these pieces was your favorite? Do you think that Madeleine will wear another piece from Seraphine on Sunday during Carl Philip and Sofia's Marriage Ban Ceremony?  Leave a comment and let me know! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meeting at the Palace

Today Victoria and Silvia held a meeting at the palace for the Minister of Children and State Secretary. Victoria wore another jacket from Morris Stockholm- the same style as her other one just in a lighter color.
I shall be back with more detailed posts soon! Only 2 Finals to go- Wish me luck! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey- I am still here!

Hey all,

I am still here! School is winding down and I don't have much time to write posts but I am still active on the Facebook Page. So head over there until my summer begins to stay up to date with what the Royals are doing and wearing!


(I am also managing to continue to update the side pages right now so those remain pretty accurate!)