Thursday, March 31, 2016

Super Mom!

Crown Princess Victoria attended a lecture given today by Ban Ki-moon, the UN General Secretary at Stockholm State House. This lecture is in memory of Dag Hammaskjöld, which is held in joint connection with Dag Hammaskjöld Foundation and Uppsala University. This event will be Victoria's first since giving birth to Prince Oscar, just 27 days ago.

Victoria wore a black dress which I believe is the same as this one. She wore a new coat which I think is LK Bennett but I have not been able to find a photo to prove me to be correct. Her bag is old and for some reason I have it in my mind that it is By Malene Birger but I am not sure about that. Her jewelry is also old. Her earrings are from Misst and her necklace is as well. She wore a pair of black pumps but I am unsure if they are new or old. (Side Rant: Why do Royal Ladies need so many pair of black pumps? Will someone please explain that to me?! Rant Over)


In other news, I am busy, busy, busy! I am a full time student as most of you know- but recently I started 2 (could be argued 3) new jobs that all started within the last week. It has been crazy! Tonight is the first night I have had a chance to sit down even think about royals! 

Sofia at Sophiahemmet

Today Princess Sofia visited Sophiahemmet's operation and surgical wards. If you remember back, Sofia became their Honorary President at the beginning of this year, taking over from Princess Christina (The King's sister) who had been their president since 1972.

Sofia got a review of the hospital's structure and how they function as caregivers from the hospital's CEO and Chief Physician. Then Sofia got to tour the various rooms and was informed by the different department heads about their work and showed them around.

For this visit, Sofia wore a black knit sweater over her Seraphine Maternity blouse.  The photos are  low quality which makes identifying the accessories near impossible but I would imagine her necklace is Pilgrim for Project Playground.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

ICYMI: Photo of Oscar

In case you missed it, the Court released a photo of Victoria with Oscar and Estelle with Oscar as a part of a Thank You Message from the Crown Princess Couple.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

They attached the following message:

"We would like to convey our sincere gratitude for all the kind greetings and congratulations we have received in connection with Princess Estelle's birthday and the birth of Prince Oscar.
We genuinely appreciate your kindness and that so many of you share our happiness."

Victoria is wearing a top from Baum und Pferdgarten in the newest photo. Estelle is wearing one of Victoria's old dresses. (Victoria wore it back in 1982 to Madeleine's Te Deum)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Discussions at the Palace

Today, Princess Sofia joined her mother-in-law Queen Silvia for a meeting at the palace discussing what can be done to help newly arriving refugee children in Sweden. There was a great host of different organizations from around Sweden there partaking in the discussion including Mentor, an organization of which the Queen is Patron, World Childhood Foundation, and UNICEF- to name a few.  After the discussion the Queen and Sofia attended a workshop "Our Refugee Children: The Challenge of Our Time".

Sofia also visited Riddarholm Church and Treasury with the Department of Public Activities.

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It looks like Sofia is wearing Seraphine's Emerald Keyhole Maternity Blouse with a black blazer over it. (Perhaps her Filippa K Blazer?)

When visiting Riddarholm she wore a black coat- sadly we don't have a good angle of it to figure out who it comes from.

Photo from 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Project Playground Dinner

Tonight Princess Sofia attended a gala dinner held at Hotel Riverton in Göthenborg for Project Playground. As many of you know, Princess Sofia started Project Playground along side Frida Vesterberg 5 years ago in South Africa. Sofia was the Secretary General until her marriage this past summer and now is Patron to the organization. I believe she still does other work inside the Project Playground Internal Offices but no longer has an official job in the office. Prince Carl Philip was supposed to join her tonight but he is sick with the flu and had to stay home.

Sofia wore a new Rose gown from Greta - black floral print. She has previously worn a blue Greta gown earlier in her pregnancy. She appears to be wearing black pumps and carrying a black clutch. The clutch seems to be a fold over clutch with gold zipper and a black and gold tassel hanging from the zipper. It reminds me of Hunkydory's style but I have seen it online yet. Sofia wore her Ophelia Faux Fur Jacket from Morris Stockholm over her dress.

You can view more photos here

Sunday, March 13, 2016

40 Years Ago Today!

So if you have to know one thing about my royal love, it is this..
Carl Gustaf and Silvia are my favorites!
Yep- not Victoria, Daniel, Madeleine, or even little Estelle. I am 100% in love with Kungaparet. Why? I cannot give a distinctive reason besides the fact they are just beyond adorable! 

So the purpose for this post is to celebrate that 40 years ago today, the royal couple gave their Engagement Interview. They announced their engagement yesterday on March 12th- but it was March 13th that they gave the famous interview. I sadly have never been able to see the full interview but I have been able to see little bits and pieces! (if you want to record the full interview and send it to me I will love you forever haha!) In celebration of this anniversary- I want to share this adorable clip with you! 

"Det sa bara klick!"
"Det sa bara klick!"Det är lysande tider för stundande bröllop! Här får vi se en helt oredigerad intervju av Carl XVI Gustaf och Drottning Silvia när de var alldeles gröna som förlovade för snart 40 år sedan.
Posted by Öppet arkiv on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy 40 years Your Majesties! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Prinsparet at the Palace

Today Carl Philip and Sofia met with UN Ambassadors at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The Ambassadors are in Sweden to followup on the climate meeting in Paris as well as the implementation of Agenda 2030. Victoria and Daniel last met the ambassadors in August at the Royal Palace, before it was announced that Victoria had accepted to be one of the ambassadors for Agenda 2030.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Sofia wore an outfit which may be familiar to some of you, she seems to have borrowed Victoria's blue Seraphine Sophia Pleated Dress (currently out of stock) as well as their Ivory Cropped Peplum Jacket! Seraphine informed me that they did provide the jacket to Sofia in her order but not the dress leading me to believe that she borrowed it from Victoria! This would not be the first time we have seen the ladies sharing clothes, Sofia has previously worn coats and jackets seen previously on both her Sisters-in-Laws, so borrowing a dress isn't a far stretch. This also makes it so that all 3 of the ladies have worn Seraphine's Cropped Peplum Jackets! Princess Madeleine wore it in black for her audience with the Pope last year and Crown Princess Victoria wore it while on an official visit to Peru and Colombia.

In addition to the pieces from Seraphine, Sofia carried a new (to me) blue bag and appears to be wearing the same black pumps which she wore to Oscar's Te Deum Service last week. The shoes were reported to be from Rizzo but I was not convinced so I did not post them. I am waiting to get feedback from my shoe experts (As I have said before, and will probably say again- I am terrible at identifying shoes) but I think they are probably from them.

Yesterday, Sofia held at meeting at the Palace for Make a Change's founder Christian Nordenström. Make a Change works to help stop bullying that occurs between teenagers and adults. It was announced that the Prinsparet's Foundation would be focusing on bullying so allying themselves with this organization is not unexpected.

Vi är hedrade över att idag ha fått möjligheten att presentera Make a Change för Prinsessan Sofia <3Hennes stora...
Posted by Make a Change on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sofia wore a new top from Seraphine to this meeting as well. You all know how much I adore Seraphine so I was over the moon to hear this news! I haven't minded Sofia's recent Maternity outfits by Ida Lanto, but no one does maternity as well as Seraphine. They have been doing it for a while and know what works with baby bumps and what to stay away from.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPDATED: Prince Oscar Carl Olof!

This morning the King announced the newest Bernadotte Prince's name- Oscar Carl Olof! He will be called Prince Oscar and is Duke of Skåne. The King said that he had not met the littlest one yet as he has the Flu and they want to be careful with germs- but he was hopeful that he would get to meet him this afternoon. The Court published this photo of the new family of 4 going home from the hospital.

This afternoon the entire Royal Family (minus Victoria) attended the Te Deum for Prince Oscar. Princess Madeleine who was here in Stockholm for the birth attended as well as her husband Chris O'Neill- even though he was not originally on the calendar to attend. I imagine he flew over from London last minute. 
Princess Estelle also attended looking very adorable in a jacket that had once been worn by her Aunt. I think she is wearing the same Marie Chantal dress that she wore in her 4th Birthday photos. 

Queen Silvia pulled out a blue suit to celebrate the new prince's arrival and Princess Sofia also wore a new blue dress. This dress, while it is still unconfirmed, is from Ida Lanto- the same designer of 2 other maternity dresses she has worn recently. She wore black pumps and carried a new clutch which appears to be from Diane von Furstenberg. Her hat was made by Swedish Milliner Malinda Damgaard.

Princess Madeleine wore green ensemble- the coat we have seen before as she wore it when she was pregnant with Leonore in 2013 while attending an event for Min Stora Dag. (Don't read too much into her wearing it while pregnant- it was early in the pregnancy and not maternity) She paired it with a dark green skirt or dress- hard to say from the photos, and new green boots from Tod's. The boots are a few years old but the first time she has been photographed wearing them. (Huge thanks to @PrincessanSofia for the find) She carried what appears to be her Angel Jackson and her necklace looks to be from Marni.

You can see more photos from the Te Deum Service at Svenskdam. I think that wraps up this morning's excitement for now. I will update the post if new fashion finds are found.

Photos from and Getty Images

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Baby Boy!

On the 2nd of March 2016, Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son. The new prince was born at 20:28 at Karolinska Hospital in Solna, Sweden. This hospital is right outside of the Haga Palace so not a long way for Victoria and Daniel to travel at all. The new baby weighed 3655 grams and was 52 cm long. Prince Daniel cut the umbilical cord and according to the doctors- was a great support to his wife during the labor and delivery. At the time that Prince Daniel held a press conference this evening- Estelle was unaware of the birth as she was asleep. She was going to be informed when she awoke in the morning.

The name of the littlest Bernadotte has been decided but we will have to wait until tomorrow's Cabinet Meeting for the King to announce it, along with its Duchy and Nickname (if applicable). 
As more information becomes available- I will post again tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Princess Sofia meets with Facebook

Today Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip met with Christine Grahn, the Public Policy Manager of Facebook Sweden. This meeting was set up by their foundation, the Prince Couple's Foundation. Joining them was their foundation's director Sofia Ewerlöf. I suspect they were discussing what the Prince Couple's Foundation could do in the area of Cyber Bullying- but no information was released to confirm that.

Sofia wore a black blazer over a pink button down shirt. If she wasn't pregnant I might suggest her jacket is from Filippa K but I don't know if that jacket could fit her at this month in her pregnancy. Still I am going to include it below as a possibility.