Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Refugee Concert in Stockholm

On the 29th of September, Sofia and Carl Philip attended Hela Sverige Skramlar, a concert held to raise funds to help the refugees. About 40 artists from Sweden showed up as well as hundreds of volunteers. Over 41,921,794 SEK have been raised so far. That is over 5 million USD!

Sofia wore a new grey coat which comes from Gant and a black dress underneath. The photos are dark so no leads on the dress currently. We will have to hope she wears it again.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Victoria:Week in Review

Hey all! This week has been crazy school-wise for me so I am going to catch up on all the fashion choices that I have missed now.

On Monday, Victoria attended a charity event for the Brain Foundation in Stockholm, of which she is patron. For this she wore a new black coat and dress- no ID's have been found yet. Her shoes were black and had some glitter on them- they could be YSL. Heaven of Queen Rania's Fashion and I think her bag comes from Wilbur and Gussie but we have yet to find the exact model. She wore a new necklace and an old pair of UFO earrings.
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On Tuesday, Victoria attended the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control's 10th Anniversary events at Karolinska Institutet. Later in the day, she and the King met with astronauts at Stockholm Palace.

For these two events she wore an old Emilio Pucci dress with what I believe to be the same coat as below just with the collar removed. It appears to have the same set of closures as this coat she wore back in 2010 when she and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway unveiled a statue in Helsingborg.
Her shoes appear to be a new pair of suede dark fuchsia pumps.

On Thursday Victoria and the King visited Vänersborg and Uddevalla to learn about migration and integration. For this Victoria reused her blue jacket from Morris and her Yves Saint Laurent pumps. She debuted a new bag from Valentino- identical to the black one she debuted last week but in blue this time.

Which outfit is your favorite? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opening of the General Synod

On 22 September, Sofia and Carl Philip joined the King at the Opening of the General Synod in Uppsala. The service was led by the Bishop of Lund Johan Tyrberg. The General Synod is Sweden's largest religious governing body with 251 members who come from all throughout Sweden. It is an annual event and almost always a member of the Swedish royal family attends. This was Sofia's first time attending and I believe Carl Philip's first time as well.

Sofia wore a new dress from Viktoria Chan and carried a clutch from Dagmar. Her shoes appear to be her nude Saint Laurent's but they could be Kurt Geiger- it is hard to tell. Her earrings come from Mrs. Mi.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Victoria honors Folke Bernadotte

Yesterday Victoria held a audience at the Royal Palace as well as attended an exhibit honoring Folke Bernadotte.

Victoria wore her silver jacket from Mayla over a white dress. She wore her Miu Miu pumps again and carried her By Malene Birger clutch. Her bracelet is from Kreuger Jewellery and her earrings I believe are from Chaumet, a pair she has had for quite some time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Victoria in Green

Victoria attended a seminar today in Stockholm.
Victoria wore her green Moris Lady jacket and a black bag from By Malene Birger. Her necklace comes from Charlotte Bonde and her earrings may as well. Her shoes are her ACNE pumps.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Posse is Back Together!

Today the entire royal family, minus Chris and the grandkids, attended the opening of parliament!

Madeleine flew in from London for this occasion and returned to London this evening, missing the traditional attendance at the Royal Opera House.

Let's get right down to fashion and jewels (because that is what this blog is about and I still need to eat dinner before my class!). Note- dress code for the opening of parliament is black and white- hence the outfits!

Queen Silvia wore a black jacket over what imagine to be a black suit. Her shoes appear to be Salvatore Ferragamo. She wore a pair of pearl and diamond earrings from the Bernadotte collection as well as the Diamond and Pearl Ivy brooch which can be dated all the way back to Queen Victoria. For the performance this evening she traded her black suit for what appears to be a navy gown.
Funny enough the blue velvet coat she wore over it upon arrival she has had since 1977! Check out this magazine scan I have of her wearing it back then!

Which coat appearance did you like better?
Crown Princess Victoria re-used her Milly Jacket from when she attended Parliament while pregnant with Estelle, honestly that is what I expected her to do. She carried a clutch from Hunkydory. Her earrings are from Kreuger Jewellery.

For the performance this evening, she also re-used her short Adrianna Papell dress from earlier in the year.

Sofia attended parliaments opening for the first time as an official princess, last year it was a few short months after being engaged!
For the Opening of Parliament she wore a black and white jacket from Maje and carried a clutch from Hunkydory.

Later in the evening, she changed into a blue sleeveless dress from Ole Yde which she wore a black cape from Viktoria Chan over. Her shoes come from Jimmy Choo.

Princess Madeleine is last up in our review.
She wore a jacket from Paule Ka today over a black Paule Ka dress.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Victoria and Daniel Visit Gothenburg

On Thursday, September 10th- Victoria and Daniel undertook a visit to Gothenburg. During their time there, they visited 2 programs that are supported by the Crown Princess Couple Foundation; Star for Life and Kodcentrum. Both of these programs are run through schools. Star for Life helps children strengthen their self-esteem and learn to self motivate. Kodcentrum gives students a chance to learn code and programing. In addition to these places, Victoria and Daniel also visited Astra Zeneca, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, and Fryhuset in Kviberg for lunch and a conversation on intergration in Gothenburg.
Victoria wore a new top from Whyred, Pumps from ACNE, and her bracelet is from Maria Nillsdotter. Her bag is the one she debuted the other day from Valentino.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Global Child Forum in Pretoria

Princess Sofia is jumping in headfirst to taking on engagements by being the Royal Family's representation to the 2015 Global Child Forum in Pretoria, South Africa. If you don't already know, Global Child Forum is an initiative started by the King and Queen in 2009 with the intention of bringing leaders from all over the world and from a variety of industries and background together to make connections, create partnerships, and discuss topics surrounding Children's Rights. The first forum was held at Stockholm Palace in 2010 and since then they have held a variety of forums in satellite locations all over the world. In addition to holding these forums, Global Child Forum seeks to produce and coordinates studies to provide information on the topics of Children's Rights.

Princess Sofia arrived yesterday in Pretoria. She is wearing a top from Gant and her Peace Sign necklace from Sophie by Sophie. 

Last night she also attended a dinner hosted by the Swedish Embassy in South Africa in connection with the forum. (A video and more photos can be seen here and here)

For this dinner she wore a dress from Armani (most notably seen in her first official photos, although she wore it to a Project Playground Fundraiser in 2013) with a pair of black heels (perhaps her Gant ones but I cannot tell). She wore her hair back in a ponytail and wore her Engelbert Diamond Hoop Earrings. She carried a small black quilted clutch which I do not recognize.

Today was the day of the actual forum in Pretoria. Sofia gave her first recorded speech as a Princess of Sweden and first in English. She did an amazing job. My personal favorite part of the speech was towards the end.
As long as children suffer we have work to do – as individuals and common commitment.
This is such an important point and she emphasized it wonderfully. If you would like to read the rest of her speech, which I highly recommend, you may do so here.
For the forum, Sofia wore a black pinstriped pantsuit with a plain white top. She again wore her Peace Sign Necklace from Sophie by Sophie and pumps from Gant.

Sofia commented saying that she will be staying in South Africa for a bit to visit Project Playground, the Charity she co-founded 5 years ago in Langa, South Africa. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Seminar at the Palace

Today Victoria and Daniel attended a seminar/workshop at the palace given by Professor Tina Seelig from Stanford University. It was hosted by Esbri in the Bernadotte Library.

Victoria wore a monocrome dress she has had since 2008 (Thanks for the info Heaven!) what appears to be a new pair of black pumps, and a black bag from Valentino.

******Please Note: I am still figuring out my school schedule so I am trying my best to keep up with the posts. Feel free to contact me if you find ID's or just want to ask if I know any ID's. Even if I don't post doesn't mean I am not still searching and working!******

Dinner at the Palace

On Friday, the entire royal family -sans Princess Madeleine- attended the Sverigemiddag at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. This dinner is given once a year since its start in 2013. The King and Queen invite a variety of Swedes from all the counties who have made a contribution to society in some area or another. Last year there were farmers, sports players, and leaders just to give you a few different ideas of who is invited. This dinner is held to recognize their work but also to give the royal family a chance to hear about what is going on in the areas they come from. This dinner is not to be confused with Representationsmiddags which tend to be held twice a year. The Representationsmiddags are a more formal occasion where the jewels are pulled out. The Sverigemiddag is a less formal affair and there are no jewels or orders. Cocktail or long dresses may be worn and normally the family splits it up so at least one person is wearing a short dress.
This year Sofia got the short dress and Victoria debuted her baby bump in a long gown. (Side note- Victoria is pregnant!!!!! Due in March 2016! I was so excited I made myself sick to the point where I thought I was going to pass out!) Silvia always comes in a gown so this was not a surprise to me.

Sofia wore a dress from Dagmar with what appear to be her Saint Laurent Pumps. Everyplace I read about this look, everyone is not a fan. I on the other hand love the dress on her! I think the gold undertone goes splendidly with her hair and I hope she wears it again!

Victoria wore a long gown from Adrianna Papell. She has the short version of this dress as well which she wore not terribly long ago to a dinner at the Haga for one of the charities that their (Daniel and Victoria) wedding fund supports. It looks like she wore her grey By Malene Birger heels to match.

Silvia wore a black dress with a monochrome wrap around it. Again everyone I read seemed not to be a fan but I thought she looked splendid! Best use of this wrap to date. I have always hated when she has worn it in the back but this is a great look for it. However I am not so sure about the brooch she is using to hold it closed. Maybe a diamond one would have looked better instead of her ivory flower. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Beginning of September Looks for Victoria

Victoria has had 2 engagements since I last posted:

On September 1st attending seminars on the Baltic Sea with her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf

Bracelet and Earrings from Sophie by Sophie, Clutch from Stella McCartney, Pumps from By Malene Birger

On September 2nd attending Large Parks in Big Cities again along side her father.