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UPDATED: The Celebration's Continue!

Tonight the Royal Family will attend a private banquet at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. We are seeing some videos and pictures thanks to Expressen currently. We will see photos of the arrivals but that is it of the dinner. Royals like to eat in private- I believe we can all relate to that!

Queen Silvia is the first one we've seen photos of. She's in a new red gown  with some floral detail on the side/back. She is wearing the Connaught Tiara with her modern Diamond Flower earrings. She appears to be wearing a diamond necklace just like last night. When we get better photos I will post them but for now check out Expressen's Page. The Queen's bag is very old- She's had it for close to 40 years. It was a gift from Princess Margaretha who embroidered it. It was on display with the Queen's Nobel Gowns in Stockholm about 10 years ago.

Madeleine is the first we saw.

She is wearing her Elie Saab dress previously seen at her Pre-Wedding Dinner and worn by Victoria last year. She paired it with her favorite tiara- Queen Silvia's Fringe Tiara and wore for the first time the Epaulette Earrings. On her left wrist she wore Princess Lilian's favorite Diamond Bracelet. I believe she is carrying a new clutch- she has one very similar to it but the sequins are in a chevon striped pattern. I stand corrected- her clutch is not new- but it is just double sided. One side has horizontal stripes and the other has a V shaped stripes. Her shoes appear to be from Jimmy Choo.


Victoria was the last for us to get a glimpse at.

She is wearing a new Elie Saab gown. She paired it with Princess Lilian's Laurel Wreath Tiara and a diamond necklace. I would have liked it better without the necklace. She is wearing what looks like the top half of the Brazillian Parure Earrings. She is also carrying a new clutch also from Elie Saab. Her shoes we originally thought were from Roger Vivier but now we are unsure. Victoria's shoes come from Elie Saab- just like the rest of her outfit!

UPDATED: Happy 70th Birthday King Carl Gustaf!

Happy 70th Birthday to King Carl-Gustaf !!

Today is a big day of celebrations in Sweden , starting with a Te Deum at the Royal Chapel for the King ! 
Foreign guests includes King Juan-Carlos & Queen Sofia of Spain, Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte  of Denmark, Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Takamodo of Japan to only say a few.
Prince Daniel & Princess Sofia parents were also there as well as Chris' mother.
Around 10am, the Royal Family entered the chapel. The entire family was there including Princess Sofia ( who will only take part in the day events) and Princess Estelle.
Then, an Armed Forces celebration took place outside the Royal Palace where Princess Beatrix to the Netherlands, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark and Princess Martha-Louise & Ari Behn of Norway joined the guests of the Te Deum and the Royal Family.

Victoria wore a new white coat from Ida Sjöstedt Couture (Confirmed on Instagram) with a Dolce & Gabbana dress with a new pair of black pumps from Aquatalia and her Nancy Gonzalez clutch. Princess Estelle wore a white dress and jacket with a light blue coat. Victoria's hat comes from the SS16 collection from Philip Treacy. Victoria's earrings are one of her favorite pairs from Kreuger Jewellery. 


Princess Estelle wore a matching jacket and dress set from the brand Charabia (Thanks Beka)! This is not the first time Estelle has worn Charabia, she wore a dress from the brand last year under her Purple Coat to Victoria's Name Day. Charabia is a French brand but the designer is Swedish!

Princess Sofia made her first official appearance since the birth of her son Prince Alexander. She looked lovely and you could hardly tell she gave birth just a week or so ago! 

She wore a new coat from By Malene Birger with a new Hugo Boss dress. She paired it with new snakeskin pumps by the new Swedish brand Stinaa J. The brand opened this month so Sofia is the first public person to wear their shoes ! Her clutch is new and from the British brand Vintage Styler.

Princess Madeleine flew in from her home in London (she may have actually flown in from the United States as that is where she was last week) to attend the birthday celebrations. While I was hoping to see the kids, they have yet to make an appearance. 

Madeleine wore a new Alexander McQueen coat with a new dress from Giambattista Valli (Thanks Anna from Expressen), black shoes, and her Bottega Veneta clutch. Her hat is from Philip Treacy- just like Victoria's. 

Silvia wore a new pink coat with red shoes & bag. Thanks to Ellen, Queen Silvia's shoes are from Manolo Blahnik. I suspect Her hat is from Philip Treacy London but I cannot find a stock photo of it online. (Philip Treacy's Official Instagram Account confirmed that it is indeed their design).

Friday, April 29, 2016

UPDATED: Celebrations for the King!

We are taking a break from our mini hiatus to cover the King's Birthday Celebrations! 

As many of you know, my favorites in the Swedish Royal House are not the younger generation but the King and Queen. To those of you who don't know this- Surprise! They don't get talked about as much on this blog but they are my favorites!

Tomorrow is the King's 70th Birthday and the celebrations began earlier this week. Today was the first day that anyone besides the King and Queen began to take part in the Celebrations. Madeleine and Chris (along with the kids and Chris's Mother) arrived in Stockholm yesterday. The Court updated the calendar and removed some of the scheduled events Sofia was going to attend- which I think we can all agree- makes sense considering that she just gave birth. But don't fret- We will still see her at some of the shorter events!
This afternoon Silvia, Carl Gustaf, Victoria and Daniel attended the presentation of some Scholarships under the Berndadotte Program at the Royal Opera. The Royal Court writes that this is a new collaboration between the royal artistic and humanistic academies. Some of the participants   include: The Royal Academy of Fine Art, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture just to name a few. You can see a full gallery here.
Victoria wore to this event a new dress from H&M Conscious Collection. She has had the dress altered to be longer which I feel was an appropriate decision for this event. H&M describes the dress and its fabric as:
The jacquard texture with gold threads over an off-white base creates a precious layer upon which glass bead flower embroideries are applied. The jacquard fabric is made from a blend of Tencel and organic silk. The glass bead embroideries are made from recycled glass

She paired this dress with a new pair of neutral colored heels. Perhaps when we get some better photos we can identify them better. Victoria also carried her Anya Hindmarch Gold Clutch. Her jewelry is all pieces she has worn before but never been identified. I have a feeling that they will remain unidentified as they are most likely custom pieces.

Queen Silvia wore the blue suit first seen in the Official Photos released earlier this week.

Later tonight, there will be a concert at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm which we should see a great turnout of guests from Royal Houses and Swedish Government. I will post about that later when it happens. (It is my mother's birthday so the post may come a bit later but this post will be updated with time!) 

Guests have begun to arrive for this evening's concerts. Personal friends, Family and Government Representatives - as well as a few royal will be in attendance. One of the first to arrive and catch my eye was Daniel's parents Ewa and Olle Westling.

What particularly caught my eye was the clutch that Ewa was carrying. It looks strikingly similar to a LK Bennett clutch that Victoria used frequently in 2009-2011. I believe the model is Ripley clutch and I do not believe it is sold any more. This would not be the first time that Victoria has loaned out pieces of her closet to various family members and friends. Around the time of Daniel and Victoria's wedding she loaned a gown to Daniel's sister. She has also loaned clothes to her sisters and sister-in-laws frequently.
The Royals have arrived!

Victoria is wearing a bespoke Skirt/Dress from H&M's Conscious Collection (I have emailed them asking for more information about this piece and will post it when I get it). H&M sent along the following information about the pieces.
The Crown Princess wears a unique version from this spring’s Conscious Exclusive collection – customized for this occasion by H&M’s design team. The Crown Princess wears a black blouse in organic mulberry silk and a jacquard woven golden skirt made of organic mulberry silk and recycled polyester (made from PET bottles). The bag is made of the same silk as the skirt and is also customized for this occasion. 
She has a bespoke clutch of the same material which she is carrying again tonight. She paired it with a necklace from Balmain for H&M necklace and a new pair of earrings and bracelet that I am still working on ID's for. Her shoes come from Dolce & Gabbana - thanks to all the lovely ladies on Twitter for finding them at the same time for me!


Madeleine arrived with Chris and Eva O'Neill as well.

Madeleine is wearing a dress from Erdem (found by Alyssa on Twitter). She is wearing a white coat over it that she has worn before (but has no ID) and carrying her black Bottega Veneta Clutch. She is wearing a pair of baroque pearl earrings (has had since 2012-2013) and Marchesa pumps with black lace and pearls.

Queen Silvia arrived wearing a Blue Lace gown and the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Earrings and Brooch. Under the coat she wore a *modest* diamond necklace.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome Prince Alexander!

The Royal Court announced the birth of Sofia and Carl Philip's baby- a boy- on 19 April at 18.25 (6:25 pm)! Prince Carl Philip held a press conference at the hospital a few hours following the baby's birth and told the press that they were surprised it was a boy (they had chosen not to find out the gender) and that the baby had dark hair. The Queen, who was in New York with Princess Madeleine, at the time got to see the baby by using Video Chat and said he was very cute.
The King was accompanied by the Crown Princess when he announced the babies name on 21 April to the Cabinet. The Prince will be called Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Duke of Södermanland. Södermanland has a special place in the Prince Couple's heart because Carl Philip has a house there and it is thought that it was in that house that they got engaged.

The newest Prince's names brought a mixture of surprise as well as the expected. I personally was not expecting Alexander or Hubertus to be apart of the name but I was very confident that Erik and Bertil would be included. Hubertus is one of the King's names so that is a nice tribute to him- I was expecting them to use either Carl or Folke. Erik is Sofia's father's name and Bertil is after Prince Bertil, Carl Philip's beloved Godfather. I am not sure where Alexander came from but it is a lovely name for the littlest Prince.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Victoria wore a blazer from Veronica Virta - some believe it to be a white color and other believe it to be a light pink. I personally think it is white so I am going to include it in that color here below. She also wore a pair of earrings from Charlotte Bonde.

The following day the family attended the Te Deum service for Prince Alexander. It was pushed back a day or two so that the Queen could be in attendance. Madeleine and her family were still in the United States as Madeleine was attending some meetings for Childhood so they did not fly back to attend.
Victoria wore her Light Pink LK Bennett coat which she had modified to remove the collar. She paired it with a Blouse and Skirt from Baum und Pferdgarten which I wish we could have seen a full length photo of! It looked lovely! Heres to hoping she wears it again!

Queen Silvia wore a neutral colored skirt and jacket. The jacket was first seen a few days prior while in New York.

On Hiatus

As you can tell, I have not been posting very much lately. The blog is going to be on a 3 week hiatus with the occasional post until I finish up the academic year. I have taken on 3 jobs and am taking 5-6 classes so my "free time" is limited. In the meantime the side pages will be updated but feature posts will be at a minimum.

Stay tuned for this summer when blogging will resume at a full force ad with some surprises!

-Sarah (and Heaven)

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We are Still Here!

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Some finds in the past 24 hours....
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