Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 5 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Victoria and Daniel started their final day by meeting with 3 different women's organizations. They will hear about how the organizations use women as agents of peace. Next they made their way to the Gold Museum located in Bogota's Historical Center. Next they went and saw the Swedish Embassy and afterwards they meet with Colombian students who have had the opportunity to study in Sweden. Their final event was a lunch meeting discussing the topic of transportation and transport infrastructure. That concludes their visit and they will fly back home to be reunited with their darling daughter who has been staying the week with Daniel's parents.

Victoria wore a new dress from Asos which she covered with a cropped peplum jacket from Seraphine. I confirmed with Seraphine that this was their jacket and they said Victoria added the bow after purchasing. An interesting note is that Madeleine has the same jacket in black. She carried her new white bag from Hippi Grace once again.


UPDATED: Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science's

Tonight Carl Philip and Sofia attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' Formal Gathering. This was not Carl Philip's first time attending (if my memory stands correctly) but it was Sofia's first time. The formal gathering is held once a year and a member of the Royal Family typically attends and hands out the scholarship/prize.

Sofia wore a new peach colored gown with fantastic drop earrings. I am in love with the earrings I must say. They are from Ebba Brahe. I am not sure how I feel about the gown- it is starting to grow on me but not completely there yet. She carried a new small gold clutch. She also wore the full sash but did not wear her miniature King's picture which is strange. Also her star is pinned much higher than the Swedish Ladies tend to place it. All very curious but she manages to pull it off. UPDATE: Her gown comes from Asos. Her shoes I believe to be her Saint Laurent and her clutch comes from H&M.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

UPDATED: Day 4 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Today Victoria and Daniel were in Bogota, Colombia. They began their day by participating in a round table discussion with Swedish and Colombian sustainable businesses. Next up on the schedule was meeting with the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón. After having lunch with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Victoria and Daniel visited the initiative Ruta Motor which trains vulnerable young people for jobs in the automobile industry. They try to equip young people who are at risk of being brought into criminal gangs. Later this evening, the Crown Princess Couple will attend a diplomatic reception at the Swedish Residence celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relationship between the two countries. If Victoria follows the pattern she has set on the rest of the trip, I expect there to be an outfit change and I will post that when we see photos. While I have no photos to show you, I can tell you what she wore.

Victoria repeated her outfit from Prince Nicolas christening. She wore the same Seraphine dress and coat and what appear to be the same heels as well. She carried a light purple bag which she first used earlier this year in Portugal. She wore a new necklace as well which comes from the SS16 collection from Sophie by Sophie. Her earrings she has had for at least 7 years but they have never been ID'd.


Victoria later changed into a new maternity dress from ASOS for the reception. She also carried an Alexander McQueen clutch that she first debuted when pregnant with Estelle. She wore gold pumps but because I have not been able to see any great photos, I can't tell you where they come from, but they may be Gianvito Rossi.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UPDATED: Day 3 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Victoria and Daniel began their visit to Colombia today with a visit to the Agency of Reintegration, a program focusing on social reintegration and has a partnership with the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. Next up they attended the opening of a panel with Swedish Companies at a Swedish Sea Port conference. Their final engagement before attending a lunch hosted by the Swedish Ambassador, was a guided walking tour around the historic center of Cartagena. After lunch they got a tour of the Port of Cartagena. In the evening Victoria and Daniel attended a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Cartagena. I have included 1 photo of each outfit below but you can check out Robin Utrecht's wonderful gallery here for more photos!

Victoria wore a dress from Asos' Maternity Line, her shoes appear to by By Malene Birger. She carried her new (very) large white envelope clutch which (UPDATE) comes from Hippi Grace. When they participated in a walking tour, Victoria switched to sensible flats which come from Tod's.



For those of you who love this dress, they have it in regular sizes as well but it is almost sold out so go check it out here!

Later in the evening, Victoria changed into a blue dress for the reception. While I have no confimation on the designer of the dress yet, I believe it comes from Seraphine. (UPDATE IT DOES INDEED COME FROM SERAPHINE) It looks very similar to this dress they sell. I shall, as always, update the blog when I know. She wore her grey By Malene Birger pumps to match. Her clutch comes from Nancy Gonzalez and her earrings are an old favorite of hers. Unfortunately they are UFO's. (Side note- Huge shoutout to all the Facebook followers who are finding ID's on old pieces worn by our leading Swedish Ladies! You all Rock!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 2 of 5 in Peru and Columbia

Today Victoria and Daniel continued their visit to Peru and Columbia. They started the day before 7:30 am with a visit to Volvo Trucks. They next visited the Next Cancer Institute (INEN) where they visited with children. Victoria surprised the press by pulling out books out of her bag by Astrid Lindgren, who is the Swedish author who wrote Pippi Longstocking, and is Victoria's favorite children's author. Finally the finished their public tour with a walking tour of historic Lima. They ate lunch with the Mayor of London before heading to Cartagena, Columbia.
Victoria wore a dress from ASOS's maternity line which she either had made custom or shortened on her own (meaning she had her tailor do it... although picturing Victoria hemming her own dress makes me smile). She started the day in a heels, but then she later changed into sensible flats from TOD's. Her pumps may come from Rizzo, but I haven't seen a better photo of them to be sure.  Her earrings and necklace come from Kreuger Jewellery. She also appears to have a new clutch which appears to be a large white flap bag.



Monday, October 19, 2015

UPDATE: Day 1 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Victoria and Daniel began their five day visit to Peru and Colombia this morning by inaugurating  a seminar on education at the University of Lima. Afterwards, they met with students and faculty for a brief chatting session. Next up on their agenda was a visit to a H&M store in Lima. While they were their Daniel joked around with reporters saying if they were not so crunched for time he would like to pick up some pillows for their sofa back at Haga.

Next up was lunch and meeting with the President of Peru. I have not seen too many photos after that but they are supposed to visit the National Museum of Archeology and Anthropology following lunch and then end the evening with a reception at the Swedish Consulate located in Lima. I suspect their might have been an outfit change for the evening reception but I could very well be wrong. (See Below)

She wore a bespoke red dress which is identical to her purple one from Seraphine. (I have confirmed this already) Her pumps are from Acne and her bag is Hunkydory. She wore the same headpiece that she wore to the opening of Parliament in September. It comes from Malinda Damgaard. Her earrings are an old pair which I suspect to be from Chaumet and she wore her Sophie by Sophie Childhood bracelet. I was surprised to see this bracelet as she has not worn it recently but nevertheless pleased to see her supporting her mother's charity (And my favorite one at that!). Her brooch is a dragonfly which we have seen her wear before. Most distinctively in my mind was at the opening of Parliament in 2007. 

Later in the day, Victoria changed into a black dress which she belted with a belt from Zetterberg. She wore this belt for the first time in Tanzania. Her jacket comes from Baum und Pferdgarten. Her clutch appears to be from Wilbur and Gussie, but I have been unable to find the exact model.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Seraphine Dress for Victoria!

Today Victoria was in Luxembourg to attend the 5th Annual Honorary Meeting of the International Paralympic Committee.  She chose a dress from Seraphine for this occasion.

What do you think? Is this outfit a hit?

Sofia and Carl Philip are Expecting a Child!

Today the Royal Palace announced today that Princess Sofia is pregnant! The official statement says...
"Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their first child.
Princess Sofia is feeling well and the birth is expected to take place in April of 2016.
"We are so happy and excited to announce that we are expecting our first child. We are very much looking forward to it," says Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.
No changes in the schedule of The Prince Couple's public engagements are planned during the fall of 2015."
The Court also released 2 photos in connection to this news. The Court has commented saying that the family has known for a bit but wanted to wait to announce the news until after Prince Nicolas' christening so that the focus would be on him. The entire royal family is thrilled with this news.

For this new photo, Sofia is wearing a top from Viktoria Chan.

Photos from

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Victoria in Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Today Victoria accompanied the King to Ulriksdals Palace for WWF's Fall Gathering. They listened to speeches and the King handed out 2 prizes. While I have one photo to show you, you can see a larger gallery here.

Victoria wore a new dress from Day Birger et Mikkelsen (can be purchased here) and carried her Valentino bag. That bag seems to be her favorite of the moment! I really can't see her shoes so no idea there and her earrings look to be simple gold and diamond hoops that she has had for awhile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Victoria in H&M

Today, Crown Princess Victoria handed out the Sustainable Leadership Prize at Veckans Affärer's Sustainability Day at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. For this she wore a new jacket from H&M. Her necklace comes from Sophie by Sophie, earrings from Kreuger Jewellery and her bag from Valentino. More photos can be seen here

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sports without Borders

Today on October 12th, Sofia and Carl Philip inaugurated the start of Sports Without Borders at two schools, Lommarskolan and Grindskolan. Sports without Borders was started in 2004 by Admir Lukacevic with the goal to use sports to teach children how to be comfortable to take necessary risks and responsibilities in order to shape their lives.

 I was honestly surprised that Carl Philip and Sofia undertook this engagement as this is the kind of event I would expect Daniel to attend. However it does fit into Carl Philip's commitment categories as he has always been involved in sports. Either way, I am glad someone from the family was there!

Anyway- Back to the fashion. Sofia wore a new trench coat from Tiger of Sweden. Her shoes appear to be her Gant Boots which she is loving lately.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

UPDATED: A Royal Christening

Today Prince Nicolas was christened and the entire Swedish Royal Family was out in new outfits looking amazing. Let's look at what they wore!

Starting with the mother, Princess Madeleine, she wore a dress from Valentino (no real surprise there- she has worn Valentino for her wedding and Princess Leonore's Christening). Her shoes are from Gianvito Rossi.

Little Leonore stole the show refusing to sit still. She was running around the church and being well 1! She wanted to know what was going on and who can blame her!

For her brother's big day, she wore a dress from Bonpoint. Leonore's had the addition of some lace which I wonder if it came from her mother's wedding dress.

Next up is Queen Silvia, who was dressed nicely in blue for the ceremony. She has worn Valentino at her last 2 grandchildren's christenings but I am unsure about this piece. Nevertheless- I loved it.

Crown Princess Victoria showed off her baby bump in a beautiful purple dress. Reports say it is from Seraphine but I have an email out to my contact at the company to confirm and possibly get some stock pictures.
UPDATE: I have confirmed that this dress is indeed from Seraphine. They said that they have created a few bespoke pieces for Victoria and this is one of them. This means 2 things- 1. no stock photos and 2. we can expect to see more of this brand on her!
Princess Estelle was right on Leonore's tail for stealing the show. Estelle at one point ran out of her seat to go get her crying cousin his pacifier. What a sweetheart!

Estelle rewore her outfit from Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip's Marriage Ban ceremony which came from Marie Chantal.

Finally for the royal ladies comes Princess Sofia.

Sofia looked amazing in a fuchsia dress from Gucci which I think was by far my favorite. She wore this dress with shoes from the Swedish brand, Rizzo.


What did you think?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sofia returns to Dalarna

Sofia and Carl Philip undertook a 2 day visit to Dalarna on October 5-6. I am going to break it down by days.

First Day:

Sofia and Carl Philip started off their visit by visiting a school in Borlänge for refugees. They seemed quite at home with the children and Sofia ended up carrying one around for a bit. Next they visited Dalform, a factory that manufactures lockers and storage spaces for schools. Next they visited Skedvibröd where Sofia tried her hand a making flat bread.

After they had lunch they continued on Falun's World Heritage house as well as Falun's Copper Mines. While in the mines, they were given the opportunity to sign their names on the wall- just as the King, Queen, and Crown Princess have done.

A photo posted by Falu Gruva (@falugruva) on

For the first day, Sofia wore a top from Zara and a red coat she *may have* borrowed from Victoria. The coat has long been speculated on its designer since Victoria wore it back in 2011, but nothing concrete has ever been decided. Ideas include Armani and Gant. The coat is from an old Gant Collection, a brand that Sofia has worn since before her marriage. This is why I am skeptical to say for certain she borrowed it from Victoria. Perhaps they both have it, perhaps Victoria borrowed it from Sofia- never the less they have both worn it and that is all we can be certain of. She once again wore boots from Gant and her Engelbert Diamond Hoop Earrings. In the arrival photos, you can see her carrying her black Longchamp bag.

Day 2:

Sofia and Carl Philip started their second day of their visit to Dalarna by touring I-Cell, a factory that makes environmentally friendly insulation. You can see a large photo gallery with descriptions here, and a bonus- it is in English!

For this half of the day, Sofia wore a dress from Indiska and coat from Zara. Her boots come from Gant.

Sofia and Carl Philip changed, and hopped in a helicopter to fly to the top of a local mountain which has a small community of Sami people.

For this part of the visit, Sofia (and Carl Philip) wore a hat from Woolisar, boots from Tretorn, and a jacket from Woolrich.

This photo was posted a few days later and I am unsure what day the dinner took place.