Friday, January 22, 2016

400 Years of Clocks

Dear Blog Readers,
May I take this moment to be honest with you? In the past 5 days I have written 5 posts, spent 4+ hours writing and editing this blog, and many other hours pouring myself into research on the Swedish fashion and on the royal family. I am honestly burnt out. (Don't forget- I am a full time university student with 2 majors and a concentration/minor.) But when I come online and see you all interacting with the site, commenting, just visiting the pages- I get the stubbornness to keep it up and write another post. Which is what I am about to do now. I sincerely thank you readers for taking time to interact with the site and checking out what I am I posting. 
Tack så mycket!

Now back to our regular post! Today Victoria joined her parents and her paternal aunt (Princess Christina) at the Royal Palace to open the exhibition- I tiden- Kungliga klocken under 400 år - loosely translated to "With the Time- Royal Clocks in 400 Years". This exhibition celebrates the King's 70th year of life by displaying one of his interests- clocks and watches. The King and Queen have selected numerous historic and private clocks and watches to put on display, including some which belonged to former Kings!

Victoria wore a black dress (no ID) under a Fuschia coat. This coat she has had for 5 years at least and sadly it has never been identified. She wore her af Klingberg boots and carried a black clutch (no ID). The only notable jewelry she wore was a leather bracelet from Kreuger Jewellery. (She wore a similar bracelet in a lighter color on Victoriadagen in 2015)


  1. Thank you Sarah for all your hard work! I must apologize for beeing so lazy with the comments since I read pretty much everything you post in your blog. Also beeing so absolutely useless with ID'ing anything myself I'm very much depending on your skills with the clothes the Swedish ladies wear and have recommended your blog to my reader's too aswell as linked back when I've used your knowledge regarding for example Victoria's maternity clothes or the Nobel dresses and jewellery. Thank you for all the information and especially for the online friendship I feel we have developed! :)

    1. Thanks! I love seeing the comments but even just seeing the page views gives me energy to keep going! I love the online scavenger hunt and all these friends I have made!!

  2. Many thanks for your work and to give us the pleasure to enjoy your photos and searches of all those beautiful outfits and jewelry. I appreciate this greatly

  3. Thanks for all the hard work. It's a wonderful blog, and one of my faves to visit!

    Love this entire look on Victoria, and Carl Gustav and Silvia look quite appropriate/

  4. Wow yes thank you ! I am thinking about starting a blog so it's very nice to see all the lovely people you have attracted here :). Keep up the great work !