Saturday, May 14, 2016

Prince Alexander! (and Family)

Yesterday the Prince Couple released photos of Prince Alexander in connection to Prince Carl Philip's Birthday. These series of 5 photo were taken in Drottningholm Palace and on the grounds around the palace. These photos were taken by Erika Gerdemark, who also took the couples Engagement Photos, Wedding Photos, and now their new family photos. I suspect she has come the Prince Couple's photographer as both of his sisters seem to have their go-to photographers. (Crown Princess Victoria - Kate Gabor, Princess Madeleine- Brigitte Grenfeldt)

The photos also feature another member of their little family- Siri!

In the first selection of photos, Sofia is wearing a new white dress from Lindex. In the final photo she is wearing a top from H&M and trousers from Tiger of Sweden. Her shoes are not Gianvito Rossi as has been previously reported- the heels are not the same. The pumps are currently a UFO (unidentified fashion object) but we are trying to identify them and when that happens we shall update the blog!

Photos from the Royal Court / 


  1. Uhm, a small correction: Erika Gerdemark did not take the couple's wedding pictures. Those are the work of Mattias Edwall. But I would (also) like to think that Erika Gerdemark is/will be their steady photographer. Her photos are beautiful.

    1. Hi, Erika took some of the photos of the couple. I believe hers were apart of the Private Collection. :D You can see one of them here.

    2. Ah, yes, I had forgotten about that one. Probably because it isn't a posed one. Somehow in my eyes official means posed.
      Keep up the good work, your blog provides a lot of information :)