Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Discussing Sofia Hellqvist's Future

As most of you probably know, Sofia Hellqvist will officially become a member of the Swedish Royal Family next June 13th. With that we can expect to see a lot more of her and her fashion choices.

I have started to wonder which way Sofia's tastes in fashion will go. Victoria tends to wear high street brands made/designed by Scandinavians (ex. Tiger of Sweden, H&M, by Malene Birger). Madeleine however tends to lean towards well known designers (ex. Valentino, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta), showing New York City's influence on her I believe. Which will Sofia choose? Or will she mix both?

In the past Sofia has tended to go towards the cheaper high end designers- (ex. Zara, Tadashi Shoji, Gant) but since her engagement we have seen her in more expensive designers such as Roland Mouret and Matthew Williamson but also still remaining faithful to Tadashi Shoji and Tiger of Sweden. For her Nobel Debut she choose a Swedish higher end Designer- Ida Sjostedt.

She seems to be mixing both influences from Victoria and Madeleine choosing high end designers but pairing them with Swedish designers. (See example below).
 Sofia Hellqvist wearing Tiger of Sweden and Matthew Williamson

In the near future you should expect to see a page for Sofia popping up on the sidebar, I plan on starting off with a mass page like Estelle and Silvia have and then as it fills up breaking it up into smaller pages like Victoria and Madeleine's.

ALSO- I want you to know that Ccile and I are working together to identify the gowns from the King's Nobel Laureates Banquet. (In the meantime- check out her blog!!)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Queen Silvia's Clutch

First of all- Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope your holiday has been restful and spent with loved ones!

When Queen Silvia attended the King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureate's, she showed up with this beautiful and unique clutch. (note the photo is not from this gala=
This is not the first time Silvia has used this clutch. She used it back in October of 2009 at a World Childhood Foundation Anniversary Gala. I think this is her probably go to Red Dress bag. There has been much discussion after it's appearance at the Nobel's in Royal Forums and I (being a curious person) began to research and see if I could discover the designer. After 3 weeks, I figured it out. Her clutch is from Judith Leiber. This clutch below is similar in clasp, string, and Design.

This clutch is from the 1990's which makes me wonder how long Silvia has had it. How many times has she worn it and it has slipped our watching eyes? Well that is what I am off to figure out now!

UPDATE: I have confirmed with Judith Leiber that this clutch is theirs. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Queen Silvia in Kenzo Jungle

Recently, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia gave an interview at their house, Stenhammar Slott. If you have not read the interview I highly recommend you do so. (You can check it out here and here)

As well as the wonderful interview there were some beautiful and relaxed photos.

I instantly wondered about Silvia's sweater (because that is what I do... I really have no life). A quick search popped up a result! It is from the 80's by Kenzo Jungle. A very similar sweater vest is currently being sold on Etsy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sofia in Tiger of Sweden

Last night Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist attended a Christmas Concert which was put on in benefit of Project Playground. Sofia along with her friend Frida are co-founders of Project Playground which strives to provide children in South Africa with spaces where they can just be kids and have fun- like on a playground.

Sofia wore a coat from Tiger of Sweden and a dress from Matthew Williamson.I believe her clutch is from Designer Remix, but I am unsure. She wore a pair of unidentified long earrings and black pumps.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Found it!!

So after posting this morning about Estelle's coat not being from Livly- I have found it! It is another of Victoria's old clothing!

Take a look!
Victoria at about age 3 opening the Air Museum in Skansen

I also came across a photo of Victoria wearing the same dress that Estelle wears in Året med Kungafamiljen.

Victoria on her 2nd Birthday at Solliden

Updates on Estelle Fashion

So I have 2 updates for you all this morning.

1. I have been in contact with Livly, and the coat that Estelle wore to receive Christmas trees is not from them- back to the drawing board for that!

2. In new information released in preparation for the much anticipated Året med Kungafamiljen 2014, Victoria has said that Estelle wears a lot of her old clothes including ones made by Silvia's mother. The dress Estelle was wearing in Solliden for the promotional photos was made by Alice Sommerlath- so I will stop looking for it!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Swedish Academy Formal Meeting

Last night the Swedish Royal family gathered together for their annual attendance at the Swedish Academy meeting. This is a formal gathering so there were gowns and tuxes. Let me tell you- Madeleine, Silvia, Sofia, and Victoria did not disappoint to surprise me!

 First off is Silvia who wore a black dress that we have seen numerous times. She normally goes pretty dull for this formal meeting.

Victoria wore a combo that very much reminded me this dress that Crown Princess Mary wore. Victoria wore a tulle bottom with a matching red velvet top.

I am wondering if the skirt is from Ida Sjöstedt, they have a skirt very similar to that. Please let me know what you think? Any ideas on the Designers?

Madeleine rewore her By Malina dress that she wore early in her pregnancy with Leonore as well. She also wore a coat from By Malina as well. Neither pieces are available anymore.

 On a side note- It looks to me as if Madeleine is rewearing her Double Faced watch- one very similar to the one that Silvia always wears.

Sofia I think had my favorite look of the night- I am a sucker for those kinds of sleeves.
Look at that color! So beautiful! Her gown is also from By Malina and her shoes are from Manolo Blahnik.

Which is your favorite? 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Killing us with Joy

I am sure that Kungahuset is attempting to kill us with Joy today. Not only did they release the news that Princess Madeleine is expecting her second child, they also released what is becoming an annual video of Victoria, Daniel and Estelle at the holiday times. Seriously if you have not seen it- You need to check it out! Do it- you will not regret it!

Now onto the fashion!
Little Estelle was looking as adorable as ever! She really is becoming a little fashionista!
She wore a new dress from Ralph Lauren, Shoes and her typical bow from Livly!

Victoria also looked lovely, wearing what I suspect to be a Prada dress, Necklace and Earrings from Maria Nilsdotter, Bracelet from by Malene Birger, and Shoes from Acne.

I highly suspect this was filmed on the same day that they received Christmas Trees. Victoria is wearing the same shoes and earrings and you can see a glimpse of red under her coat. But I could be totally wrong!

Gud Jul! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finals are over and Estelle Makes an Appearance!

Thanks for staying with me! Finals are finally over and I am on holiday for a month! That means plenty of time to update and write some more posts!

Enough about me- back to the royals! Today Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle received Christmas Trees at the Royal Palace.

Victoria re-wore her Ann Sofie Back grey coat and her Acne heels.

Estelle wore a Livly bow. Her coat remains a UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quick Update!

I am in the middle of finals so I will resume posting on Thursday. I have however been adding pages to the side with different ID's and updating existing pages so feel free to check those out!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Victoria's Dress has been FOUND

Sorry- not her Nobel dress but the Gorgeous Blue dress that she wore to the Dinner in October.

Remember this? I have been trying to find out who the designer was and much to my surprise it is from Pronovias. You will recall she wore another new gown from Pronovias just a few days (okay maybe a week or 2) later. It is from their 2015 collection. 

The only way I found it was due to Ebba von Sydow wore the exact gown to the Nobel's and a very nice commenter ID it! 

Sofia's Debut at the Nobel's!

Today Sofia Hellqvist, Carl Philip's Fiancee made her debut at the Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm. She look stunning in a dark pink gown with an illusion top, sequins, and a tulle skirt.

Not bad for her first Nobel right? The designer is still not officially confirmed but I think this post on Instagram seems to give us a pretty good idea! Ida Sjöstedt!!

We have seen the Swedish Ladies wear a lot of Ida Sjöstedt in the past few Months! Madeleine wore 2 gowns by her towards the end of the summer and Victoria wore a dress by her just last month!

Sofia Finished the look with a pink brooch in her hair. What do you think?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mystery Finally Solved!

So for the past year I have been obsessing over finding the designer of this coat of Princess Madeleine.

Seriously. I was so intrigued by it! She has had it since 2009 and it keeps making appearances in her wardrobe- Victoriadagen 2013, New York 2014... It just keeps appearing and it was making me crazy that we did not know who designed it! So tonight while doing my usual poking through old fashion shows I found it! It is from 3.1 Phillip Lim!

It is from his 2009 Resort Collection. Now this is not the only piece Madeleine owns from this collection of his. Recognize this dress below?
Not really? Let me re-jog your memory.
Madeleine wore this dress for the interview she and Chris did before their wedding! I believe she also wore this dress for the party the night before Leonore's Christening. Which piece is your favorite? 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Estelle's First Day of School

So I just realized that for Princess Estelle's first day of school I should not be looking at Swedish Designer Shops but instead I should look at Gap. And lo and behold look at this!

Does this look familiar?? Check out Estelle's shirt below! For her first day of school, Estelle wore Gap!

Estelle's shoes come from Adidas. 

Estelle's Dress!

So today the Swedish Royal Court released some new photos of the Prinsessaparet Familjen (aka Victoria, Daniel and Estelle).

How adorable is she!? Well after a good half hour of searching I stumbled upon her dress by accident! It is from Baby Gap. Check out it below!

Is this a re-wear?

So I have had nothing much to do to day so what did I do- I wasted away my day on Google. In my search I came across this suit that Silvia wore at the latest in 1999.

I stared at it for a moment and then realized that I had seen a suit that Silvia had worn recently that looked strikingly similar. Check out this suit!

What do you think? Are they the same just without the bows?