Sunday, December 21, 2014

Swedish Academy Formal Meeting

Last night the Swedish Royal family gathered together for their annual attendance at the Swedish Academy meeting. This is a formal gathering so there were gowns and tuxes. Let me tell you- Madeleine, Silvia, Sofia, and Victoria did not disappoint to surprise me!

 First off is Silvia who wore a black dress that we have seen numerous times. She normally goes pretty dull for this formal meeting.

Victoria wore a combo that very much reminded me this dress that Crown Princess Mary wore. Victoria wore a tulle bottom with a matching red velvet top.

I am wondering if the skirt is from Ida Sjöstedt, they have a skirt very similar to that. Please let me know what you think? Any ideas on the Designers?

Madeleine rewore her By Malina dress that she wore early in her pregnancy with Leonore as well. She also wore a coat from By Malina as well. Neither pieces are available anymore.

 On a side note- It looks to me as if Madeleine is rewearing her Double Faced watch- one very similar to the one that Silvia always wears.

Sofia I think had my favorite look of the night- I am a sucker for those kinds of sleeves.
Look at that color! So beautiful! Her gown is also from By Malina and her shoes are from Manolo Blahnik.

Which is your favorite? 


  1. Hard to say for Victoira's skirt but it's true that it is very similar!!!
    And it looks like Ida Sjostedt is their new favourite designer!

    Ccile from Reines & Princesses

    1. I am still unsure about it, but I am going to email Ida Sjöstedt in a moment. I was thinking the same thing about them however- they all have been wearing a lot of her designs which I am very glad about because she creates beautiful clothing!

  2. They've just told me that it s not one of their design :(

    1. Thank you! I will go back to the drawing board looking for similar skirts and such. Could be a bespoke too- :/ I don't like bespoke- it is frustrating to figure out!